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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Trauma by Trump

This MOAM doesn't give a rat's ass if you vote for Donald Trump or not.

Although I think that you have a type of mental deficiency if you vote for the corrupt liar H, it's reasonable if something doesn't click with you about embracing Trump.

So that said, I won't be calling you a Pussy or anything if you are offended by Trump's language, or refusal to tread lightly in the Garden of Political Correctness.

He talks like a locker room jock, and if that scares you, I won't think freaking less of you.  Being a Pussy is not a crime or anything after all.  Those of us who have spent time in a locker room know enough not to take everything that jocks say seriously.  What kind of a Moron does that?

But the thing that pisses me off about the way the Libbies in the Media treat Donald is when they pounce on his responses to attacks.   Trump is the definitive Anti-Wimp.  If you screw with him, he is going to lay it back on you twice as hard..... the way things used to happen in the High School locker room.

Give me one example where Trump has thrown the first punch.... I'm talking on a personal basis.  Rubio makes fun of his penis size, and  the Cruz PAC publishes a derogatory photo of Donald's wife.  Trump responds in kind, but the initial attack is never highlighted.  It is only Trump's response.

Peeps.... I have to believe that the ISIS Terrorists will do some more soul searching before sending brainwashed suicide bombers forth to cowardly kill innocent civilians if Trump was in charge.   His response wouldn't be a serenade from James Taylor.... I can reasonably assure you of that.

Trump would aggressively respond to the attack, such that the BO crowd could never conceive.

If you are Traumatized by Trump now, wait until he is POTUS.  The Pussies will whine, but we would be a lot safer, and far less innocents would die.

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