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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Super Tuesday

Hillary Clinton squeaked by Bernie Sanders in Massachusetts getting 50% of the Liberal Democratic vote here, compared to Bernie's 49%

That is a powerful story which the press has thus far ignored.  The most Liberal state in the union.... "The People's Republic of Taxachusetts"..... the only state to vote for George McGovern.... comes within 1% of the vote from saying no to the ultra establishment Democrat... the disgusting, immoral Liar H.

There is a part of me that is proud of my home state.

I had feared that the Clinton sheep herd here.... the same nice folks that made a Fake Indian, Liz Warren, their United States Senator.... would sweep H to a huge plurality of victory.

But not so.  A 74 year old Socialist came within a hair of handing a loss to the anointed Clinton in this bastion state of Liberal Moonbattery.

My other Super Tuesday MOAM Observation occurred wheI was standing to vote in a long precinct line in Marblehead. Everyone took a red Democratic ballot. One guy asked the poll checker if she wanted his ID. When she said "No", he said, "How do you know that I am who I say I am?" She said, "I don't."

The opportunity for voter fraud is enormous, and I was impressed that the Dem in front of me posed the question.

Trump trounced the Republican field here. I don't know anyone who outwardly says he or she supports Trump here in Massachusetts. Secret ballots are essential to a true democratic process.

Senator Marco Rubbio, who has yet to win a state election, has been running ads that Trump is a "Con Man", and that no Con Man will ever win the Presidency.

Spoiler Alert to Marco.  Check out the current POTUS.  You are wrong.  Barry Soetoro, an Indonesian Exchange Student, happens to be sitting in the Oval Office in a direct contradiction to your assertions about Trump.... who may be unsavory to you, but the successful Billionaire is far from being a Con.

Marco should bail.

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