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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


So Hillary says that during her watch as Sec. of State, we didn't lose a single person in Libya.

Say What?

If I were one of the parents of the Benghazi victims to whom H lied straight in their face about "that video"..... I can't imagine the level of disgust and loathing that I would feeling about now.

It is known as "The Big Lie".... perfected in the Germany of the 1930's.....  and Hillary Clinton is a prime devotee of its use and effect.

Peeps.... I know that Trump is hard to swallow, but he is truly the lesser of two evils...  and in this case, way freaking lesser.

You know where you stand with Trump.  You may not like it.... but you know where you stand.   With Clinton... you stand in a murky swamp where she will do or say whatever she feels she can get over on you.

I pray that she does not get over with the American People.   And frankly, I'm astounded that she influences even one of us to induce us to vote to give over the Executive reins of the country to her massive lack of dignity and morality.

Politics is the art of compromise.  But can you compromise enough to allow a Liar to be your President?   Your call.

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