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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Trauma by Trump

This MOAM doesn't give a rat's ass if you vote for Donald Trump or not.

Although I think that you have a type of mental deficiency if you vote for the corrupt liar H, it's reasonable if something doesn't click with you about embracing Trump.

So that said, I won't be calling you a Pussy or anything if you are offended by Trump's language, or refusal to tread lightly in the Garden of Political Correctness.

He talks like a locker room jock, and if that scares you, I won't think freaking less of you.  Being a Pussy is not a crime or anything after all.  Those of us who have spent time in a locker room know enough not to take everything that jocks say seriously.  What kind of a Moron does that?

But the thing that pisses me off about the way the Libbies in the Media treat Donald is when they pounce on his responses to attacks.   Trump is the definitive Anti-Wimp.  If you screw with him, he is going to lay it back on you twice as hard..... the way things used to happen in the High School locker room.

Give me one example where Trump has thrown the first punch.... I'm talking on a personal basis.  Rubio makes fun of his penis size, and  the Cruz PAC publishes a derogatory photo of Donald's wife.  Trump responds in kind, but the initial attack is never highlighted.  It is only Trump's response.

Peeps.... I have to believe that the ISIS Terrorists will do some more soul searching before sending brainwashed suicide bombers forth to cowardly kill innocent civilians if Trump was in charge.   His response wouldn't be a serenade from James Taylor.... I can reasonably assure you of that.

Trump would aggressively respond to the attack, such that the BO crowd could never conceive.

If you are Traumatized by Trump now, wait until he is POTUS.  The Pussies will whine, but we would be a lot safer, and far less innocents would die.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Looking Back

The guy on the left is John Nestor, my father.  Third from the left is Bill Calnan, who had my back when we worked together at the Lynn Housing Authority.

Both of them supported me unconditionally and I am grateful to have had them in my life.

They were in their prime here, bowling in the AOH Division 10 Bowling League around 1960.  Both had suffered trials before this and there was a lot more to come.

I miss them.

Cuban Crisis


Your MOAM is so happy that our POTUS is tackling the crucial problem of opening our relationship with the People's Republic of Cuba.

It is so important to extend our hand to a brutal, repressive dictatorship.  Maybe now, people will stop trying to escape Florida and navigate to Cuba in small overcrowded vessels, leaving their families forever to embrace a life with freedom.

Oh sorry.... I got that a little reversed.  But whatever....  Maybe we can finally get to play Cuban baseball players, or smoke authentic Cuban cigars.

President Castro met BO with open arms at the airport.... no... that would have been the Socialist Pope.  But at least he agreed to release political prisoners and hold free elections.... no,,,, just kidding.

 We didn't get much, but BO, Jawn Kerry, and our own Congressman Seth Moulton at least should be getting some pressed Cuban sandwiches and a Caribbean tan.

Meanwhile, in other news, 23 people have been blown to bits in Brussels, Belgium.  Guess there must have been another pesky video causing people to die.

Oh well.... at least we have our priorities straight.

I'm not a big Cigar guy though.

I'm old enough to remember when the Cubans let Russians point nuclear missiles down our throats.  We actually had air raid drills at my elementary school then,... where every one was filed into the school corridors, put on our knees with our foreheads on the floor, and waited to be swept away by an atomic bomb.  As a little kid, I truly believed that Missiles from Cuba would kill us all

Guess what President Castro??   You suck!!!!   And everybody who kisses your Repressive, Dictator Ass sucks too.

Pray for Belgium.  And pray that we someday will have a POTUS who doesn't have his head up his own ass.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Steaming POS

We are waiting for the advent of spring after a mild winter.

Weatherwise it was mild.  In other ways, it was a challenging winter.

But isn't that the way things are supposed to be on this earthly plane?  Somehow, the spirit made flesh always seems to find a steaming piece of shit to step into.... every day.

 Rather than getting pissed off or depressed when things inevitably get messy, maybe the better way is to revel in the clean up....and prepare for a new steaming piece tomorrow.

Easter is a time when Christians celebrate the rebirth of Christ. Looking forward to next Sunday.  But every day seems like a rebirth sometimes.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Backing Off of the Diatribe

It's clear to this MOAM as a political pundit, that Trump and Clinton will be nominated to run for President from the Republican and Democratic Parties.

Both are flawed. Our choice is to pick the less flawed.

I'm backing off of this diatribe for awhile.

This Blog is too important to be bogged down in one subject for a long time, and I am guilty as your MOAM of being a bit too absorbed in the POTUS Political Intrigue.  Plus I have to rev things up at Nanepashemet Telecom as well as pay attention to the solar power initiatives that will come to the forefront as we approach spring and summer.

So today, my focus is to get another coat of poly on the bathroom cabinet, and goad the City of Boston into issuing some more permits to Nanepashemet Telecom.  All of the components for my solar powered kayak catamaran are now in hand as I received a 100 watt flexible panel from Amazon yesterday.  This project takes center stage as soon as the Bathroom Cabinet is delivered from the Peabody shop.

There are lots of things on tap... now taking the place exhorting you not to vote for a criminal as your POTUS.  If you haven't come to that conclusion by now, then I will leave your to "BAA" with your fellow Sheep.

Time to get back on the High Road and leave the propaganda to ABC and Fox News.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


So Hillary says that during her watch as Sec. of State, we didn't lose a single person in Libya.

Say What?

If I were one of the parents of the Benghazi victims to whom H lied straight in their face about "that video"..... I can't imagine the level of disgust and loathing that I would feeling about now.

It is known as "The Big Lie".... perfected in the Germany of the 1930's.....  and Hillary Clinton is a prime devotee of its use and effect.

Peeps.... I know that Trump is hard to swallow, but he is truly the lesser of two evils...  and in this case, way freaking lesser.

You know where you stand with Trump.  You may not like it.... but you know where you stand.   With Clinton... you stand in a murky swamp where she will do or say whatever she feels she can get over on you.

I pray that she does not get over with the American People.   And frankly, I'm astounded that she influences even one of us to induce us to vote to give over the Executive reins of the country to her massive lack of dignity and morality.

Politics is the art of compromise.  But can you compromise enough to allow a Liar to be your President?   Your call.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Paranoia Runs Deep... Into Your Life It Might Creep...

As the saying goes, "You're not paranoid if they're really out to get you."

Raise your hand if in your heart of hearts you feel that criticizing Obama could get some jaded NSA Geek listening in to your phone conversations and monitoring your emails.

Raise you hand if you also have a nagging suspicion that your tax returns may well be audited in the short term.

Or Raise your hand if in your heart of hearts you feel that spouting your feelings about Hillary could leave you as one of those suicide victims with two bullets in the back of the head.

Course this is paranoia running deep.  This stuff could never happen.... Right?

This attack by the left on Donald Trump..... calling him a Nazi, calling him Racist, stifling his First Amendment rights and sabotaging his campaign rallies......This attack is the kind of big Government tactics that Fascist regimes have engendered historically.

The Left has had a good ride with Obama, but couldn't cut the deal.  They are showing their true colors in their reaction to Trump.

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Fire and Rain

So Iran just fired off some missles... reputedly with a "Death to Israel" slogan painted on them.

Do you think this is a practice run for a nuclear attack?????

Thank you John Kerry!   Maybe it's time for you and Sweet Baby James Taylor to lumber over to Tehran for another verse of  "You've Got a Friend".   How about a new release for the occasion ...... something like "Fire and (Radioactive) Rain"?????

History has a nice spot reserved for Jawn and BO.... right next to the Neville Chamberlain section.

So sick of these Phoney, Incompetent Libs in power.   Please God... get H indicted and jailed before her sheep herd can make it to the polls this November.

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Donald and Mitt

Donald Trump is running for President.

He is a blunt talking successful businessman whose statements sound like the loudest, most opinionated person sitting at the bar.

When you are hanging at the bar, that person sounds cool even if you are not taking him seriously, but what if he actually could be elected President?

He inspires a lot of people.... and scares the hell out of a lot of others.

Mitt Romney today is set to give a national speech denouncing him as a phoney and a fraud.

STFU Mitt.  Your train has left the station.  You had a chance to shine and gave us BO instead.  You may not agree with Trump, but to call him a phoney is lacking.

Trump says he is going to build a wall, and that Mexico is going to pay for it,  Then he expressly says that the wall will cost $6Billion and that Mexico can foot the bill to protect their trade deficit.  That is specificity.  If you disagree, fine, but you can't say that Trump only makes empty assertions.

For Romney to call him names, calls out Mitt as envious that Trump has found a rally point for Republicans that his establishment could not locate.

I wish that there was a better candidate than Trump.  But I will vote for him in a heartbeat over Clinton.

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Super Tuesday

Hillary Clinton squeaked by Bernie Sanders in Massachusetts getting 50% of the Liberal Democratic vote here, compared to Bernie's 49%

That is a powerful story which the press has thus far ignored.  The most Liberal state in the union.... "The People's Republic of Taxachusetts"..... the only state to vote for George McGovern.... comes within 1% of the vote from saying no to the ultra establishment Democrat... the disgusting, immoral Liar H.

There is a part of me that is proud of my home state.

I had feared that the Clinton sheep herd here.... the same nice folks that made a Fake Indian, Liz Warren, their United States Senator.... would sweep H to a huge plurality of victory.

But not so.  A 74 year old Socialist came within a hair of handing a loss to the anointed Clinton in this bastion state of Liberal Moonbattery.

My other Super Tuesday MOAM Observation occurred wheI was standing to vote in a long precinct line in Marblehead. Everyone took a red Democratic ballot. One guy asked the poll checker if she wanted his ID. When she said "No", he said, "How do you know that I am who I say I am?" She said, "I don't."

The opportunity for voter fraud is enormous, and I was impressed that the Dem in front of me posed the question.

Trump trounced the Republican field here. I don't know anyone who outwardly says he or she supports Trump here in Massachusetts. Secret ballots are essential to a true democratic process.

Senator Marco Rubbio, who has yet to win a state election, has been running ads that Trump is a "Con Man", and that no Con Man will ever win the Presidency.

Spoiler Alert to Marco.  Check out the current POTUS.  You are wrong.  Barry Soetoro, an Indonesian Exchange Student, happens to be sitting in the Oval Office in a direct contradiction to your assertions about Trump.... who may be unsavory to you, but the successful Billionaire is far from being a Con.

Marco should bail.