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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Gun Crisis at UMASS

These reports of a man with  gun at UMASS seem overstated.
Did someone flash a handgun?  Was He/She licensed to carry?  The press is acting like having a gun is a crime.

Reminds me of my own crisis when I was a Freshman at UMASS Amherst, which never hit the public airwaves fortunately.  I posted this back in 2010.

Grenade Pin

Clammers found cases with 126 grenades in New Bedford.  Some were live.   They were safely detonated and no one was hurt.
That reminds me of an old college incident, in James House at UMASS.  The Vietnam War was in play, and a crazy vet was visiting his friend in the dorm room next door.
In those days, a lot of guys would come back from the war, fresh from firefights and other horrific shit that only happened a week or so ago.  One day, you are on patrol, firing off your M1 in DaNang at VietCong hell bent on killing you, and the next week you are hanging out on campus at Amherst, MA.  I always felt bad for these guys who didn't have a college deferment, and was enrolled in Army ROTC preparing to go myself.
This guy was really jacked in a lot of ways, and we all were leary of him.  It was my freshman year and he used to drill Aaron Boykin and myself when we had our uniforms on to go to ROTC class.    But that's another story.
One day, he came into my room with a grenade in his hand, stuffed it into the hand of my roommate, Jeff Middleton, pulled the pin, and told him to hold the lever, or we would all die.  Then he left the room.  Jeff and I stood there with a WTF look on our faces.
After about thirty seconds of standing there stunned, I said to Jeff that we should carefully take the grenade outside, walk it across the athletic fields, and heave it into the woods.  Jeff stood there ackwardly holding the thing with his hand clasped on the detonation lever.  We were too dazed to be afraid.
Before we got the plan into action,  the crazy vet came back, put the pin back into the grenade, quietly took it with him. and left without a word.    We never mentioned it again.... like it never happened.
I often wonder whether that grenade was live, and what would have happened if it blew up on the edge of the intramural field.  My guess is that if it was a dud, the vet wouldn't have come back so soon to take it back.  He would have let us sweat a lot longer.
It's one of the many things in my life that could have gone drastically wrong...... but didn't.... so I'm sitting here blogging today.  There is enough stuff that could have gone wrong and did.... but I'm here anyway.

MattyL said...

this blog is the ultra balls.

-- Matthew Lyons

Nope to the Pope

So Pope Francis says that Donald Trump is not a Christian if he wants to build a Wall on the Mexican Border.

A stupid move Pope.   And I'm not defending Trump.

Are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Christians while they support the abortions of Planned Parenthood????

Pope, you have poured oil on a slippery slope. If you are going to call out one, you have to call out the other.

Now it seems that you are injecting Christian doctrine into American politics while a Socialist is running for President.   And you are known to have Socialist leanings.

So the people that you like are Christians and the people that you don't are not?

There are a lot of flaws in my Catholic faith, and you've just added another.

Sunday, February 14, 2016


Lately getting old has been occupying center stage in my thoughts.

My mother turns 90 next month, my father-in-law is 92, and my mother-in-law is 88 and in the hospital after having surgery for a brain aneurysm.

When I was growing up, I thought that people in their sixties were old.  All four of my grandparents died young... I only briefly knew my Maternal Grandfather.

But since then, things really have seemed to change.

Now with my parents in their nineties, and some of my best friends in their seventies, I'm starting to think that our kids and grandkids will see centenarians as a matter of course.  Not sure of the reasons for the uptick in longevity.  Probably a mixture of the availability of food and shelter as well as medical technology.

Most likely, my Mother-in-law would had died without her recent brain surgery, and a number of other family members and friends have recently had medical procedures without which their lifespan could have been threatened.

So getting old is not the challenge.  Surviving is no longer the issue.  The emerging concern is quality of life.  What will you do with that survival?

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Time's Up for H

The Democrat Spin-Doctors are now saying that a win for H in New Hampshire would be to lose to Bernie Sanders within ten percentage points.

That is quite a stretch of logic.... since she led Bernie Sanders by over 40 points in the early going.

Looks like the original strategy... to keep Hillary out of the public eye and away from the press as long as possible.... was probably well founded.  Too bad she had to eventually have some light shed upon her.   But who would have thought that a Vermont Hippy in his seventies would be the first to take her down???

How do you think all of the Dems who, were scared off by her initial "coronation" feel now?  They didn't have the balls to take on the Clinton Syndicate, and let a Crazy Commie fill a widening chasm.

You have to believe that Jawn Kerry is in a loathesome quandary.  He could have had it all if he had the fortitude to break ranks and fulfill his destiny.   These Lefty Loonies have treated the Clinton's like Moonbat Royalty with only one problem.... young voters don't recognize the narrated legacy, and don't trust the despicable H.  All they needed was a guy who knew the words to "KumBaya" and promised free tuition, and H was history.

Your MOAM is feeling a bit elated.  It's time for the Clinton's to retire to their New York estate and stage fundraisers to keep H out of a Federal Penitentiary.

I'm thinking that she loses by at least twenty points tonight in New Hampshire.... which proves the old adage... "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time... but not all of the people all of the time."

Time's up for H.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Off Grid Solar Equipment Breakdown

Item Specification  Cost  Amt  Total 
Inverter  $    189.99 1  $         189.99
Inverter to Battery Cables
# 2 Gauge- Came with Krieger
2  $                  -  
Inverter Positive Cable Fuse Case and 200 amp fuse - Came With Krieger 1  $                  -  
Inverter Ground Wire 10 gauge AWG Green Ground Wire 50 ft Solid Copper UL Listed CABLE SATELLITE by Allied Wire  $      21.95 1  $           21.95
Ground Rod Skywalker Signature Series Ground Rod, 4ft by Skywalker  $      19.50 1  $           19.50
Ground Rod Wire Connector Morris Products 90629 Ground Pipe Clamp, For Direct Burial, 1/2 - 1" Water Pipe Range, 2 -10 Wire Range, 1/4 - 2/0 Screw Thread by Morris Products  $         8.46 1  $              8.46
12V 100 Ah Batteries 12V 100Ah Battery for Minn Kota, Minnkota, Cobra, Sevylor other trolling motor  $    171.68 2  $         343.36
Battery Parallel Connection Cables Camco 47480 Red 3/8" Stud 18" Long 2-Gauge Marine Battery Cable and Tinned Lug Assembly by Camco  $      10.68 2  $           21.36
Controller to Battery Cables
 $      16.99 2  $           33.98
In-Line Controller Positive Cable Fuse 1  $                  -  
Solar Charge Controller  $      49.99 1  $           49.99
12v Lamp connected to Controller TINYPONY® LED Flood Wash Light Outdoor Lamp Ip65 Waterproof 10W 12V 6000~6500K White 900 Lumen by hossen  $      11.98 1  $           11.98
Solar Cable to Controller 50' solar cable Bulk Black copper #10 AWG 1000 volt PV Wire with Tough XLPE insulation by CIE Solar   $      32.68 1  $           32.68
Solar  Cable Positive Fuse Odyssey 30A MC4 Solar PV In-Line Fuse Holder Waterproof w/ Fuse 30 Amp by Solar Odyssey  $      15.00 1  $           15.00
Solar Cable Crimper Signstek MC3 MC4 Solar Crimping Tools for 2.5-6.0mm2 Solar Panel PV Cable by Signstek  $      19.99 1  $           19.99
MC4 Cable Connectors RENOGY® 5 Pair MC4 Male/ Female Solar Panel Cable Connectors Double Seal Rings for Better Waterproof Effect by Renogy  $         9.99 1  $              9.99
MC4 Solar Lines Connector Signstek Y Branch MC4 Parallel Connector Adapter 1M2F+2M1F (1) by Signstek  $         7.99 1  $              7.99
MC4 Solar Cable 50' solar cable Bulk Black copper #10 AWG 1000 volt PV Wire with Tough XLPE insulation by CIE Solar Products  $      32.68 1  $           32.68
Electrical PVC Conduit Home Depot  $      20.00 1  $           20.00
100 Watt Solar panels Renogy 2 Piece 100W Monocrystalline Photovoltaic PV Solar Panel Module, 12V Battery Charging by Renogy  $    282.92 1  $         282.92
Panel Pole Mount Missouri Wind and Solar Top of Pole Double 100 Watt Solar Panel Mounting Rack  $    197.99 1  $         197.99

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Jill's Blog

New Blog from Pretty Jill Phillips... a special peep of the Nestor Family.

Please give it a look.

An Iowan Evening

It's only 6:30 in the morning.

Could you neurotic Peeps please refrain from this constant barrage of cell calls, voice mails, emails and message texts just to find out what the MOAM take is on the Iowa Freaking Caucus Results??!!!!!

For Chrissakes.... it's only Iowa.  Since when does a bunch of white, flatland farmers arguing in gymnasiums get everyone so riled up?????

I sure am glad that they don't have the caucus system in Massachusetts where I am registered as an Independent.  The last people I would asked who I should vote for as POTUS are my crazy neighbors.

But that's me... the good US Citizens of Iowa have spoken.... or some of them have anyway.

For the Republicans, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio have topped the ticket... none with an overwhelming plurality.   They have established themselves as the frontrunners, and if this is duplicated next week in NH, the others should step out.  I actually wish that Jeb Bush would leave now.   He is a praiseworthy candidate, but has not caught the imagination of the electorate and I kind of feel embarrassed for him due to his level of funding and family legacy.  Throw your support to your upstart Marco, and move out with class, Jeb.

The Democratic race is really intriguing.  Despite the early coronation of Hillary Clinton by the DNC, with a rigged debate schedule and money flowing in from all the usual sources like Soros, etc, the lowly Socialist Mayor of Burlington, Vt, Bernie Sanders.... a 72 year old Commie with a Brooklyn accent and no SuperPAC support has virtually tied the disgusting H in a too close to call contest.

The Democratic Party Sheep Herders are really wringing their hands over this one.  Their corrupt candidate, who was assurred of continuing the largess that keeps Dem Hacks in business over the underclasses, is on the proverbial ropes by a candidate who was supposed to be a complimentary diversion.

Yet, this most unlikely candidate, Bernie Sanders, is giving Queen H a huge scare.  And next week, the fine voters of NH are scheduled to give her a double digit ass kicking.  The Democratic Propagandists at ABC Good Morning America, George Steffy and Co., are loving the Trump loss and are saying that Clinton won.  They are transparent Sheepherders.

Damn that "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy"!!!!!  Once again they have taunted the Clinton Syndicate.

Bring on the FBI Indictment..... That should complete the job.

Overall, the evening shaped up pretty well in Iowa.