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Sunday, January 03, 2016

Winning Powerball

Powerball is up to a $240 Million take home jackpot this Wednesday, so I'm going to spend $4 for two tickets.

There is a pretty good chance that I won't win, but even so, I've taken the time to prepare what I will do if my ticket turns out to have all of the numbers.

I'd hate to be in a situation where I get caught winning a couple hundred million and I haven't figured out where I would put it.

Course, the first step would be to hire accountants, financial advisers, lawyers and security guards.  And it would be cool if I could keep the publicity to a minimum, but that is probably not the deal.  So I definitely would go dark for a couple of months, to make sure that everybody wasn't bothering the crap out of me.

And while I would be doing a lot to make my  family and close friends take the glint off of their personal financial situations, I would be very cognizant of the need to avoid transforming people that I care about into entitled assholes.

So there would be a little bit of personal relationship fallout.  Naturally, I would be establishing education trusts, paying off people's mortgages and other stuff, but there would be strings attached and hurdles to get over before people could get their hands on the money.   Personal responsibility boobytraps to make sure that a sense of self reliance was still intact.

During the euphoric first year or so, I would develop a dream home on some ocean front acreage in New England and also buy a Caribbean Island vacation home.

In business, I would capitalize Nanepashemet Telecom and get it to a point where our expertise and services are not hampered by financial constraints, without regard to the bottom line for a few years.

And I would do some cool real estate development projects. as well as start up aquaponics, solar, and boat building businesses.

But a good part of the deal would be to find philanthropic subjects to invest in.   I would like to find people who a have a strong sense of personal responsibility, and help them to fast forward their business and service visions.

There are quite a number of other things that I don't want to disclose to you.... $240 million goes a long way.

I've got it all down on an Excel spreadsheet.

The BWE Nominee Trust of Marblehead, represented by trustees Andrew G. Christensen and Stephen J. Farrar, claimed the first $15 million grand prize in the Massachusetts State Lottery's $30 "World Class Millions" instant game on July 29, 2014. Christansen is a lawyer and Farrar is an accountant. The trust's name stands for "Best Week Ever." (Mass. Lottery)

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