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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Intellectual Laziness and Moral Repugnance

Peeps - 
I don't give a rat's ass if you like Donald Trump or not....

He is controversial, and it is legitimate if you don't like him or are turned off by what he says.

But it Pisses me off BIG TIME, to call Trump a racist when you don't agree with him, like the Libs are doing this morning with his stand on Syrian Refugees and Muslim immigration. 

We have a situation here and in the rest of the world where innocent people are being murdered and slaughtered by Radical Muslims.   And there is no easy way to vet if people, who meet the profile, are wired to indiscriminately lay a pressure cooker bomb next to a family at the Boston Marathon, or enter a Christmas Party filled with hard working Americans from the Melting Pot and spray them with automatic fire, or walk into a Rock Concert in Paris and pump round after round into innocent music fans.

So Trump has been calling for temporary measures to assess the situation and propery manage the problem.... in contrast to Obama who is looking to escalate the flow of refugees into the US.

Naturally, my knee jerk, bleeding heart Liberal friends have labeled Trump as a racist and pasted a Hitleresque image on him.  Despite this, Americans are lining up with Trump to a remarkable degree.

So the Libs resort to calling these Americans racist.

This is complete Bullshit.

 If Americans were racist against Muslims, then Muslims would have been hanging from the trees after 4000 people died on 9/11. 

The fact is that Americans are remarkably tolerant against Muslims. Four times as many hate crimes are committed against Jews than Muslims in this country.  And if you deny this, then GOOGLE THAT. ... to your Liberal Bleeding Heart's Content.

To resort to calling people racist because of legitimate concerns is intellectually lazy and morally repugnant.

Open your eyes to the problem.  Work for a solution.  But don't just glibly call people "Racist"  who are trying to figure this out this exasperating issue.

Obama has left a huge leadership gap in the War Against Terrorism.  Trump is filling the gap for many.

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