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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Day

It was a nice Christmas.

Christmas is such a time marker.  You remember all of the things that you did on this day throughout your life.  Memories of you as a little kid, as a young adult, as a new parent, and now as a grandparent come crashing through, without much of a sorting.

It is a day of mixed emotions.... thinking of times in your life that are changed forever, and people as well as pets, who have left for another dimension.   My father died on Christmas Day.  I always relive that event on Dec. 25th also.  I remember that it was so cold that day, that the wine that my mother had in her trunk was frozen when she brought it into our house in Lynn.

This year was the opposite.   You could have had Christmas Dinner outside on the Marblehead deck.  It was uncomfortably warm.  I'm grateful that my Liberal friends didn't start in with a "Global Warming" chorus.  I like to drop the political rants around the Holidays.  There will be many times ahead to resume that debate.

Traditions have changed over the years.  They have to as families change, and people move to different locations for their homes.  We started some new ones this year that I hope will continue.

When I was kid, I was always so excited about the Christmas presents that I was about to get.  The big change now is that I appreciate gifts that  I receive, but the greatest joy is in seeing the people you love open the presents that you have given.  This year, it was jewelry for the daughters, Kreg tools for the sons, and Kindle Tablets for the grandkids.   Will and Ethan checked out with their Kindles.... there was no more conversation as they lapsed into an online game focus.

The star of the day for me was someone that I didn't even know last Christmas.... my 11 month old Grandson Connor.   His joy to be around people spread pure joy to everyone that he was around.

My brother, Jamie,  was in the Hospital in Florida, and calls to him and my mother made me feel sad that their Christmas was not exactly tidings of comfort and joy.  My new year's hope is for health for them soon.

Joanne again served the fifteen people at our Christmas Dinner table with incredible culinary skill and Bam and Bampy seemed to enjoy the Fixings as they have for many years now.

In some ways, this Christmas seems to be a landmark shift.  With our kids all happily married and building traditions around their homes and growing extended families.  The circle of life seems to be in full swing this year.

I hope that all of you Peeps enjoyed the day.... and that the mixture of memories and emotions have left you on the up side.   Looking forward to wishing you a Happy New Year.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dump and Deep PC Do Do

 I like the Dump. I purposefully do not put my trash out for curbside pickup so I can take it to the Dump. 

People in Marblehead look very humble at the Dump. Doing their duty.... so to speak.   In this Town, they call the Dump the Marblehead Transfer Station.  But I'm not at a "Station".... I'm at the Dump, and I'm not "Transferring" trash.... I'm Dumping it.

I like the guys and ladies who work at the Dump too. They are either really grouchy or have a great sense of humor. I suppose those are appropriate defense mechanisms if your job is working at the dump. 

I once met up with Judy Goodman at the dump who said "What's the matter? Haven't your ever seen a Jew go to the Dump?" Even though I've spent many happy times with her and her husband Bobby Goodman at the Murray's house during their annual Christmas Eve Party,  I know that Judy and Bobby are Jewish..... with absolutely no idea how this demographic info was actually initially communicated.

I'm sure that I must have seen Jews at the Dump, because I've seen hundreds of people there, and I can't tell the difference between a Jew or a Gentile, unless it is one of those Hassidic Jews with the funny hats and curley hair.  Chances are that a lot of the people there were Jewish that I saw during my many visits from year to year.

 Not sure why Judy said that to me, but I thought it was pretty funny at the time. 

Do you think someone will think I am Anti-Semitic for telling this story?   KMA if you do.  

For some reason, I have a feeling in my gut that this is the type of post that can come back and bite me in the ass.   That PC Police are waiting to pounce on anyone who writes anything about an ethnic demarcation, designation or phrase.   

 I mean, Judy said it, and it was funny.  And now I can say that I have for certain. 

But all I started to mention in this post was that I went to the Dump today...   Now I'm in Deep PC Do Do.

Next time Judy, just throw your trash into the Dump and stop trying to mess with me.  

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Trolling for Libbies

Lately I've been trolling around some Liberal Facebook posting sites and jib jabbing a litle bit.
Yes.  I know it is a bit juvenile and not really a fitting activity for a Mountain of a Man like myself.
  But it's wicked fun to mess with the Lefties.  
They love to insult you when you actually dispute that Obama was not as bad as Bush (a central fall back position for the Libbies), and of course you are an ignorant moron if you dare articulate that Global Warming (which they now call Climate Change) is a shame and a hoax designed to focus the Sheep Herd away from shit that really matters.
They generally shut up though when you intimate that they support the Butchers of Planned Parenthood selling body parts.  They don't deny it, they just shut up.
Sarah Palin puts them right the frig over the top.  They are so afraid of  strong, honest conservative women.  And BTW, Conservative Women are so way hotter that Lib Fems.   Palin v. H.... imagine if H looks this bad now, how she would look and sound after 8 years of slinging the Bullshit during her nightmare terms as POTUS.
OK.... maybe I should go easier on the mentally challenged Libbies.
But when they swoon over Barack Obama, or state how Hillary Clinton is going to take care of them, big time gag reflex leaves me staggering.
And here's a little tip if you ever get the urge to do a little trolling yourself.
Libs hate it when you tell them that Tom Brady is a Republican.  They go straight into denial mode and Google their ass off trying to come up with way to counteract this unfortunate truth. 
It's pretty funny.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Intellectual Laziness and Moral Repugnance

Peeps - 
I don't give a rat's ass if you like Donald Trump or not....

He is controversial, and it is legitimate if you don't like him or are turned off by what he says.

But it Pisses me off BIG TIME, to call Trump a racist when you don't agree with him, like the Libs are doing this morning with his stand on Syrian Refugees and Muslim immigration. 

We have a situation here and in the rest of the world where innocent people are being murdered and slaughtered by Radical Muslims.   And there is no easy way to vet if people, who meet the profile, are wired to indiscriminately lay a pressure cooker bomb next to a family at the Boston Marathon, or enter a Christmas Party filled with hard working Americans from the Melting Pot and spray them with automatic fire, or walk into a Rock Concert in Paris and pump round after round into innocent music fans.

So Trump has been calling for temporary measures to assess the situation and propery manage the problem.... in contrast to Obama who is looking to escalate the flow of refugees into the US.

Naturally, my knee jerk, bleeding heart Liberal friends have labeled Trump as a racist and pasted a Hitleresque image on him.  Despite this, Americans are lining up with Trump to a remarkable degree.

So the Libs resort to calling these Americans racist.

This is complete Bullshit.

 If Americans were racist against Muslims, then Muslims would have been hanging from the trees after 4000 people died on 9/11. 

The fact is that Americans are remarkably tolerant against Muslims. Four times as many hate crimes are committed against Jews than Muslims in this country.  And if you deny this, then GOOGLE THAT. ... to your Liberal Bleeding Heart's Content.

To resort to calling people racist because of legitimate concerns is intellectually lazy and morally repugnant.

Open your eyes to the problem.  Work for a solution.  But don't just glibly call people "Racist"  who are trying to figure this out this exasperating issue.

Obama has left a huge leadership gap in the War Against Terrorism.  Trump is filling the gap for many.

Friday, December 04, 2015

How Are Ya?

This week, your MOAM has another birthday coming up. Another Time Marker,

I'm not  going to tell you how old I am.... Let's just say that it is getting less and less of a shock to me that I have hit the sixties.

When I was a kid, and my Grandfather, Delbert Crosby, was sixty three, I thought that he was wicked old.   Now... not so much.

In some ways, I don't feel too old.  Still have my sense of humor and business competitiveness.  I like to think that my mind is pretty contemporary.  I'd like to retire, but I like working at my business, Nanepashemet Project Management as well, so that's a wash.

But I can't throw, run, or shoot a basketball.  Would not lace up a pair of skates if you paid me, and am not an enthusiast about skiing unless it's with the Grandkids. Golf and Tennis????  Nope and I don't think so.   Biking is ok because it is easy on the joints and still gives you a little speed rush.  And I like to lift weights if my back is up to it.

I feel that my one time strength is still there...old man strength they call it.  If I got the first punch in or so, you still might be in trouble if we got in a scuffle.   But I'd have a heart attack if things carried on a little too long.

Sex wise,... I'm not going there because my kids might read this,

I first started throwing my back out in my thirties and still lose it from time to time,  But now I see a chiropractor regularly and wear orthodics in my shoes, so this is semi under control

High Blood Pressure and Gout get managed with daily meds.... no biggie.

And I'm pretty used to the compressor and mask that I have to use every night to curb my case of severe sleep apnea.

All three kids are grown, married, relatively healthy and seem to be productively occupied in careers and perpetuating the race.  Happy about that too.  My mother is still alive in her late eighties and lives in Florida with my my brother, Jim.  Joanne is happy working with kids in Salem and seems to be healthy as well.  Her parents are old as dirt and still living in Lynn too.  So the genes are in place to get really elderly and be a burden to our kids in the next thirty years or so.

All in all, getting older doesn't feel that bad.

I can't take 100 mi. bike rides, like my friend, Christos Laganos who was in my first grade class with with me at the Highland Elementary Public School in Lynn, but I'm happy to see the progress that he has made in proving that such a vigorous life is possible at my age, For various reasons, I haven't pursued this intensive an activity.

I like to play my guitar and banjo at night after Joanne goes to bed, and feel that I am improving' although I would never ask her opinion and doubt that she would cut me any slack.  My interest in boatbuilding and woodworking is always under the surface.  Lately, an interest in solar energy and aquaponics has kept my attention as well.

Love my cat, Henry, my grandsons Will, Ethan and Connor, and the highlight of every day is checking with Joanne to see if she has heard from the kids.   No matter how old they are, you think and worry as a parent every day.  I'm grateful that Ryan, Katelyn and Michael have all found spouses that I love like my own kids.

I've gotten much more attentive politically and can't stand circumstances where people in this society do not take responsibility for themselves and look to the government and community as some sort of safety net that they are entitled to.  I realize that some people need to be taken care of, but I also realize that Liberals like Hilary Clinton perpetuate this on order to gain power and control.  Politicians who manipulate and lie to the people are anathema to me.

My faith in God is formed though a combination of Roman Catholic culture and Eastern Mysticism and I believe in a Higher Power that guides our life and all of the mysteries of being alive.  I pray often,

More and more, as I get older, I could care less what other people think of me, as long as I feel that I am being honest with myself and fair with others.

All in all, the most important thing is to have few regrets when you die, which means that you tried to do the right thing and ventured forth in life.  From that standpoint, I am at peace with myself.

But there are still business deals to do, boats to build, and family occasions to savor, so I'm in no hurry to call it a day.

I appreciate the sentiment if I am wished a "Happy Birthday" this week.... and if you ask "How are Ya?"  ..... Now you know,

Thursday, December 03, 2015

San Bernardino Scores

Tragedy in San Bernardino,

Many of you have clamored me to spill out the thoughts of the MOAM on the unspeakable events in San Bernardino.

You've probably heard this stuff before, but it bears repeating.

Our POTUS immediately jumps to his theme of gun control.  Leftys like Obama and Hillary always want to take our rights and guns away.  Fascists always disarm the populace  BO gives a pass to Muslim Jihad..... let's not draw conclusions here.  Just because these suspects are Muslims and armed to the teeth, the Prez preaches to his herd that this is an unfortunate coincidence.

But, It is definitely a problem that these "workplace violence" Islamic perps had so much ordinance. Although it's also too bad that their victims had no arms.

When Syed Farook and his wife open fired on unarmed meeting attendees, the score was ....
SCUMBAG Terrorists               14
Good guys w/o guns                    0

When Fucking Farook met up with armed police the score was....
SCUMBAG Terrorists                   0
Good guys with guns                     2

Game, Set, Match, good guys with guns.

At this time, in our civilized society, it is highly recommended that a good portion of us should lawfully carry concealed weapons.

And until we get some leadership that are on the Good Guys side and stop calling this attack by SCUMBAG Terrorists as "Workplace Violence", we are driving blind.

BTW, the San Bernardino Police Department seems to be a badass organization and they did a hell of a job pinning down  Phucking Farook and his stupid wife.