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Friday, November 13, 2015

Such a Waste

President Obama is a Black American.
African American race relations are as bad now as I have experienced in my sixty years.

President Obama is a Muslim.... at the very least, his father is a Muslim, and he has proclaimed his Muslim faith on numerous occasions.
The radical Muslim sect, ISIS. is on a suicide mission to terrorist the West.

Do you get the feeling that Obama is an influence for national and international discord in the world?  He is a catalyst for polarization and hate.

Such a waste... Such a FREAKING WASTE!

I actually believed, seven years ago when he attained the Presidency, that he represented a new era of harmony and tolerance.  That was an egregious error in judgement on my naive part.  His ideological pettiness has spawned a new era of unrest and discord.

As I write this, 158 people have been slaughtered in Paris.  What a horrendous failure of leadership!  We have a President who has weakened the American presence in the world and allows hate and class warfare to fester..... maybe on purpose?   Or maybe because he has just been incompetent.

I believe that the country will flock to Trump.... who represents strength and action in dealing with the political landscape.   But I just can't leave the feeling that Obama wasted a golden opportunity to create a world of orderly change.  Such a waste of so much promise.

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