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Friday, October 09, 2015

Solar Powered Aquaponics Project

This is how I'm going to power the pump for the aquaponics system that I am planning.   Going off grid just for the hell of  it.  Going with a bank of two 12V deep cycle batteries to start and two 100 Watt solar panels.   Will invest in a 3000 Watt DC to AC inverter to be able to run power tools off the system from time to time as well as the pump which should operate 24/7. 

I haven't yet decided on the fish tank and vegetable bed designs, nor have I told Joanne about where this is going in the yard.

Have to design the swirl filter and siphon drain systems, plus I'd love to catch some local wild bluegill or perch for the fish tanks.  Also have to research what plants to use in the winter months.... probably garlic and kale.  I think that I'm going with ibc tote foodgrade containers to modify for the beds and fish tank.

The beds will be flushed with the below bell siphon.

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