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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Your MOAM Fix

Lots of Peeps have been emailing me, leaving voicemails, messaging lately.

The consistent theme on all of these feeble attempts to communicate with the MOAM is a pathetic inquiry into what particular circumstances have been occupying my time lately.

Since I don't blog half as much as I used to, there is a part of me that comes close to sympathizing with the agony that ordinary Peeps must feel when they can't gain solace or inspiration by constantly observing and emulating my latest moves.

And since I am a MOAM of extraordinary compassion for lesser Peeps, Ive decided to share with you a bit of my latest mundane, yet extremely intriguing, day to day activities.

Last night, Joanne and I went to the Warwick Cinema in downtown Marblehead to see a showing of "Black Mass".... the story of  the South Boston criminal, Whitey Bulger, starring Johhny Depp.  Peeps... this is no freaking sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean,  Depp was terrifying as the ruthless thug, and the Boston scenes and characterizations were interesting and believably accomplished.

I've always had a soft spot for Billy Bulger, the Massachusetts Senate President and brother to Whitey.   I feel that he was an effective leader during a tumultuous period, but his legacy will always be eclipsed by the fact that we was Whitey's brother.  I've met and been in his company several times and have a fondness for a man who would not wilt under the pressures of a liberal Massachusetts establishment that was threatened by his populist successes.

Billy's characterization in Black Mass was well done, yet I feel came short of the depth and complexity of the man and his public conundrums.

After the theater, we headed over to the Boston Yacht Club for a Friday night dinner.   The BYC is the best of the yacht clubs in Marblehead in my opinion... solely because thy had the insight yet incredible misjudgment to accept your MOAM as a member.   The Commodore Prime Rib cut, served by Kasandra, the pretty young waitress from Springfield,  didn't disappoint.  After a couple of Jameson Irish night caps, Friday night concluded rather successfully.

This morning, despite a case of sciatica that has been ravaging the MOAM's lower extremities for the past week, I hoped on the Ttek Domane Road Bike and pedaled the 10.8 miles to son, Mike's Beverly Farms house. Mike was psyched to have gotten nice price to remove a couple of lumbering pines in his yard, and he and Pam were preparing to go to Conn. for a wedding or something.   I moved on and rode the 6,2 miles to Katelyn's house in Wenham.

This Sciatica case has me baffled.   No pain pushing on the road bike, but standing around is close to unbearable... even for a stiff upper lib MOAM like myself.   Kate and Brady drove me and the bike in their SUV to Manchester where we took a look at the totally cool 1830's vintage map of the US that they have recovered from their Wenham house renovation.   We went over to Essex, where a antique map expert blew us away with his understanding and interpretation of the may based upon his knowledge of American History, and the way that the map gave away its historical age by the territory names that it portrayed.   It may be valuable if it can be meticulously restored.

So then Kate and Brady drove me as far as the Beverly Salem Bridge where I got out and pedaled the five miles back home to Marblehead.

So that's it for now, Peeps.  Other stuff might have happened, but Ill leave that up to your fantasies and pathetic imagination.

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