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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Stupid Douche Bags

Not that you asked for my opinion.... you rarely do.... but I feel the need to add to the Akashic narrative tonight with the wisdom/stupidity of this humble offering.

If you are a 14 year old Muslim kid named Mohammed from Texas.... don't be bringing a lunch box filled with wires and that is ticking to show to the kids at your school.  Because you will be handcuffed and incarcerated.

Is this a case of profiling????   You bet your politically correct ass it is.  And well it should be.   A class of people with significant percentages calling us the "Great Satan" and screaming "Death to America" should gain our passing interest.   Especially right around 9/11.  Remember the murders at Fort Hood and the Boston Marathon???   Who the PHUCK caused these atrocities????? Presbyterians?   Episcopalians????   No... it was Muslims.

So let's not be so freaking open minded that our squishy brains fall out.

What kind of public official would let this instance go unchecked in light of the contemporary facts?

But what I fail to understand is that the mentally deranged POTUS of this unfortunate country invites little Mohammed to the White House.  And tells him to bring along his "Clock".

Sorry Peeps.... I'm about to call the President of the United States a STUPID DOUCHE BAG.   Sure his Dad was a Muslim, Barack  most assuredly is as well, such as he has admitted to an exasperated George Stephanopoulous ..... but the facts remain that a Muslim kid running around with a device that looks like a Freaking BOMB should be tackled and hogtied.   Not invited to the Oval Office for a photo op.

Please stop me before the FBI and NSA send me and this pathetic Blog to the Gulag.

I'm pissed off at what Muslim Extremist Terrorists have done to my countrymen.   If I had relatives killed or maimed at the Twin Towers or the Boston Marathon.... I honestly don't know how I would control myself when I hear the President of the United States glibly tweets encouragement to a stupid Muslim kid in Texas with no sensibility.

There are two stupid douche bags in this post.

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