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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Satisfying, Yet Kind of Stinky

Stuff that has my juices flowing lately .....

Amy Shumer.   I think she is funny in an incredibly crude way.  I wouldn't watch her show around women that I didn't know well.   And she seems to be trending lately and gaining fame.
So.... That's it.   Don't be telling me about Gun Control, Amy.   You have absolutely no expertise.... just because you are good at slutty jokes.

Defunding Planned Parenthood.  Anyone who has ignored the videos where these Liberal Monsters discuss the way they harvest fetus parts for resale..... is an AssHole.   Capital A.  AssHole.   There is no excuse for not driving this barbaric program into the ground.   Let  someone else with ethics handle any lawful service that these Butchers are being subsidized for.

Donald Trump.  He is not a clown.   He is not a phony.   He is a phenomenally successful business man.   That didn't happen because he is lucky or endowed with previous wealth.   He is ahead of the pack because he has an innate sense of what works for people and what doesn't.  He can definitely win.

Iran Deal.  The Mullahs will certainly welsh on this.  After all... they have a contract with Infidels which can be voided at any time as far as they are concerned.   Obama and Kerry negotiated this to the best of their ability.... which is why the deal totally sucks.    It is only a matter of time until we will have to cruise missile the Iranian nuclear assets.

Hillary Clinton.  People who support her are delusional airheads.   "She is for women" is the slogan frequently heard by Moonbat admirers.   Especially those trailer park beauties preferred by her predator spouse, and oppressed Muslims living in those Middle Eastern countries that contribute to the Clinton Foundation.

Glad that I got these thoughts out.   It feels a little like passing gas after a plate of franks and beans,... Satisfying, yet still kind of Stinky.

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