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Friday, August 14, 2015

More Stuff to Ponder

Stuff I've been thinking about lately....

Tom Brady is completely innocent, and Roger Goodell is a manipulative asshole.   Brady and Belichick have figured out how to dominate the NFL and thus have acquired many enemies.... both in brain dead fans of opposing teams, and owners who can't beat the Pats no matter what.   Brady is an honest achiever, which causes immense jealousy from all of the posers out there.

Hilary Clinton will not win the Democratic nomination for President.... Joe Biden will.   The fast and loose practice of Clinton's use of classified top secret documents has people with the real power.... deep in the CIA, NSA and other parts of the Spook Community,,,  wicked pissed off, and she will be lucky to get out without a legal indictment or worse.

The EPA's incompetence in polluting major river watersheds in the West is an example of the ineptness of the Obama administration.   The lack of management skill is so apparent throughout this regime.... from their ineptness in foreign policy, to the debacle of ObamaCare, to the IRS scandal, to the immigration debacle,to the utter deterioration of race relations,  etc, etc. etc..... and now the EPA poisoning the river shows that the buffoonery is completely widespread.  Liberals cannot administer.

Bill Cosby is a disgusting piece of Doggy Doo Doo.   With all of his money, he couldn't get a little poon tang without drugging women.   He is a loser, and deserves to see his legacy completely emasculated.

Did I already say that Tom Brady is completely innocent?   He should sue that dirtbag Goodell for character assassination.   Goodell needs to feel the wrath of the Law of Karma sooner than later.

Getting old is a painful process.  You can't throw a baseball anymore, or shoot a basketball, or jog a mile.   At least you can ride a bike.... but then people people like your son, Ryan, tell you that local drivers are complaining about the way you ride.   Screw them.  Take a detour if you see me riding.  This is my last stand, and you can kiss my Fat, White, Irish Arse if you think I'm moving over because you want to get to the Yacht Club a few minutes earlier.

That's it for now.

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