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Monday, June 15, 2015

The Trans-Species Life

I don't exactly know how to disclose this.... it's a bit perplexing and rather embarrassing...

But I'm convinced that my Cat, Henry, is not feeling fulfilled within his feline pelt.
He tries to bark, gnaws on bones, and always waits at the back door with a leash in his month looking for a walk in the park with me.
Henry wants to be a Dog, and claims that he never felt Feline even as a young kitten.  I can see it in his eyes that he is yearning to assume his true identity.

What the Hell am I supposed to do????  Let him wallow though life totally juxtapositioned as a Dog in a Cat's body????

No Freaking way....

I've already started a number of Google searches looking for a Veterinarian who will start the arduous trans-species process of converting Henry to a Scottish Terrier.

There are rumors that they do this type of procedure in Denmark, and I will book a flight to Copenhagen in a nano-second if we can find a enlightened Vet who can help Henry realize his dream of liberation as a Canine.

Only then can he be truly free.

Thinking of renaming him Haigis.

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