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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Posting Dropoff

Sorry for the unprecedented drop off in posts.

Lots of stuff has been going on.... some good,,,,, some really sucky.

The death of John Aucone, and debilitating sickness among family and friends has covered the sucky parts.  By contrast, everything else is good.

This has been a period where I am reminded of mortality.  Despite our best efforts, decay and death are the inevitable destiny that we face.  Granted, your beliefs give you solace that there is a hereafter and a time of renewal and rebirth.   Religions have persecuted and massacred each other in order to prove that their particular version of cosmology is the truth.... which pretty much gives you a clue to avoid organized religion as a life path if you can manage it.

I believe in energy, and that our life spirit and consciousness is energy.   Physics teaches us that energy can never be created nor destroyed.  Is there a God undercurrent who is a source of harmony, goodness, and reason for this journey?   I do believe so, but that part is a bit harder to define.

So there you have it.  All of our worries and foibles during this life of trials and the siege of decay will eventually dwindle as we morph into the next phase of existence in another dimension.

But the physical and emotional pain of transition calls for a response.   Prayer.  Asking God for an easier, less derisive passage.

I have some prayers I have to say... for some people who deserve an easier voyage.

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