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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Not Worth Getting All Hot and Bothered

Those of you who know the MOAM well, know that I am an unenrolled Independent who tries to make up my own mind on issues, and not be swayed by a party or ideological affiliation.

I hate it when the Left or the Right uses blatant misleading propaganda to herd sheep into their particular ideological pen.  And I hate it when people draw conclusions based upon emotion or feelings rather than empirical facts.

Doomsday scaremongers tend to piss me off, as well as people who whimsically proclaim bullcrap like "Obama is one of the four best Presidents ever." when they have no historical insight into the competence of past Presidents.... whatsoever.

Also, if they walk like a Duck, quack like a Duck and you make the bold statement that they are a Duck.... then why do people continue to get all amped up when the particular subject of note acts like a Duck.

So, I'm getting tired to getting pissed off at Obama, the FLOTUS, and the various bureaucratic sycophants that he surrounds himself with.

We knew before we elected him.... TWICE.... that he was a Leftest Radical with a family background in Communist Marxist ideology.   Then, over and over, Conservative pundits like Col. Allen West and the Fox News talking heads obsess about the radical stuff that he says and does.   He's a freaking RADICAL!!!  How else do you expect him to act and speak???? Socialized Medicine, open borders, a weakened military, the dismantled space program, a growing bureaucracy with the increase in debt.... we elected him twice and then all I hear is BITCH, BITCH, BITCH.

  His Mom and Dad were Commies, his childhood mentors were Commies,  He started his political career in the company of people like Bill Ayers and the Rev. Wright.   Al Sharpton has a spare key to the Oval Office for crying out loud.  I mean... my father and mother were Democrats... and that's where my political leanings first took root.   Is it any wonder that this guy thinks the way he does?

In fact.... having been in the company of political radicals in various stages of my career.... I think the amazing thing is that he comes anywhere close to the center in any political decision.

It's not like he hasn't broadcast his Marxist, Anti-Imperialist leanings in books and actions to us.  Then we get all  pissed off because he acts exactly like what he is.

So I'm  going to try to remain un-involved in all of the outrageous revelations that Fox and the Conservative Blogs on Facebook keep flowing my way.

I already know that he is a Radical so it's not news and not worth getting hot and bothered over.

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