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Friday, June 19, 2015

Knee Jerk Response

Naturally the President turned a tragic senseless mass killing in South Carolina into a platform for his gun control agenda.   Plus he pulled some claim out of his ass that this type of senseless act with firearms is an American Phenomenon.

You knew that was coming,  It is Obama's nature.  The Conservative blogs debunked the American Phenomenon claim easy enough with instances of such heinous acts happening all over the world.

And the 2nd Amendment knee jerkers came out with their normal response for the right to bear arms.

I believe in the right to bear arms and I possess permits to carry throughout Northern New England. The process to gain this permit and the rules that apply to it in Massachusetts are thorough and restrictive.

In my case, the Marblehead police uncovered stuff in my public record that I was amazed had been recorded, and I was questioned extensively about the items that were exposed from decades ago.  It took at least two months to get the permit, and then when I went and purchased a firearm, the licensed dealer also performed a background check before making the sale.

I think that  these rules are fair, and still allow me to exercise my 2nd Amendment Constitutional rights to bear arms for the protection of my home and family.   The Massachusetts process could easily be replicated on the Federal level.

Is this process in place in South Carolina, where that little racist Bastard decided to kill innocent worshipers in Church just because of the color of their skin?    I don't know.

The evidence suggests that his father gave the senseless serial killer a gun.  

If I were King, justice would be swift.   String up the Shooter, String up the Father, and initiate laws with strong background checks and waiting periods for prospective gun owners.

The FACTS (NOT Liberal Feelings of What Should Be) show that criminal acts are highest in areas where gun ownership is banned.... like Obama's Sweet Home Chicago.

Allow responsible citizens to exercise their 2ND Amendment right to bear arms, and severely punish those who endeavor to thwart the vetting process.

Plus, attend to the victims of mental illness, who overwhelmingly perpetrate these crimes.

The little Russian Scumbags who killed and maimed hundreds at the Boston Marathon Bombing didn't use firearms... they used pressure cookers.    The Perps will find a way.

Our leaders should look at this issue based upon facts, and not knee jerk, removal of our Constitutional Rights.

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