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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Toilet Paper Rollers.

If you come over to my house and nature calls, you'll find the bathrooms nice and clean.

That's because Joanne was there.

But if you happen to notice that the toilet paper is on the roller.....

That's because I was there.

Because in the forty odd years that we have been together, my wife Joanne has never installed the toilet paper on the rollers....   never.... ever.

Apparently, that is a man's job.

Toilet Paper Holders

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Not Worth Getting All Hot and Bothered

Those of you who know the MOAM well, know that I am an unenrolled Independent who tries to make up my own mind on issues, and not be swayed by a party or ideological affiliation.

I hate it when the Left or the Right uses blatant misleading propaganda to herd sheep into their particular ideological pen.  And I hate it when people draw conclusions based upon emotion or feelings rather than empirical facts.

Doomsday scaremongers tend to piss me off, as well as people who whimsically proclaim bullcrap like "Obama is one of the four best Presidents ever." when they have no historical insight into the competence of past Presidents.... whatsoever.

Also, if they walk like a Duck, quack like a Duck and you make the bold statement that they are a Duck.... then why do people continue to get all amped up when the particular subject of note acts like a Duck.

So, I'm getting tired to getting pissed off at Obama, the FLOTUS, and the various bureaucratic sycophants that he surrounds himself with.

We knew before we elected him.... TWICE.... that he was a Leftest Radical with a family background in Communist Marxist ideology.   Then, over and over, Conservative pundits like Col. Allen West and the Fox News talking heads obsess about the radical stuff that he says and does.   He's a freaking RADICAL!!!  How else do you expect him to act and speak???? Socialized Medicine, open borders, a weakened military, the dismantled space program, a growing bureaucracy with the increase in debt.... we elected him twice and then all I hear is BITCH, BITCH, BITCH.

  His Mom and Dad were Commies, his childhood mentors were Commies,  He started his political career in the company of people like Bill Ayers and the Rev. Wright.   Al Sharpton has a spare key to the Oval Office for crying out loud.  I mean... my father and mother were Democrats... and that's where my political leanings first took root.   Is it any wonder that this guy thinks the way he does?

In fact.... having been in the company of political radicals in various stages of my career.... I think the amazing thing is that he comes anywhere close to the center in any political decision.

It's not like he hasn't broadcast his Marxist, Anti-Imperialist leanings in books and actions to us.  Then we get all  pissed off because he acts exactly like what he is.

So I'm  going to try to remain un-involved in all of the outrageous revelations that Fox and the Conservative Blogs on Facebook keep flowing my way.

I already know that he is a Radical so it's not news and not worth getting hot and bothered over.

Hard to be Humble

There have been quite a few hits to this blog lately.

I know because allows me to see what posts people are hitting and what ISP they arrive from.

Often, I follow their trail and see what they are so interested in.... stuff that I may have posted in 2007, 2011 or so.

Then I become enthralled with the quality, insight and articulateness presented herein as well.

Sometimes if you are a Mountain of a Man, it is hard to be humble.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Blessed Life

It's four PM, and this Father's Day is in the books.

I have to say, one of the most satisfying that this Mountain of a Man has experienced in the last thirty eight years or so.

With two sons, a daughter, and three grandsons in play, I feel that I have met the eligibility criteria quite handily.  And it is a big plus that we have them all married off (or almost) to some great additions to the family.

Katelyn and Brady gave me a great mounted photograph of Grandson Connor Boyle, and Mike and Pam came through with a bottle of  Lagavulin 16 year Single Malt Scotch, which you may be reminded is the King of Scotch in this humble MOAM's opinion.
Then Ryan and Kim along with Grandsons Will and Ethan presented me with another bottle of the King,
It was a double whammy of Single Malt Speyside goodness, and the kind sentiments will be remembered well after the last drops have been drained and savored and I see the likeness of Connor smiling down from the fireplace mantel.  Feeling truly Blessed.
I hope all of my paternal brethren had as fine a day  as well,

Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Good Plan

My iPhone won't take a charge this morning.... looks like the end of the line for the old model Apple.

So nobody can reach me today, until I take the time to get this fixed.... and spare time is not readily available.

Before I head to the phone store, I will install all of the cleats in the shed, do a big dump run, and plan some storage strategy.

Then Shower for Grandson Will's birthday celebration  at the Marblehead Street Hockey court on Green Street.  Afterwards, the day should settle down on the BYC porch where I will consume two Jordan's Hot Dogs, and a number of Dark and Stormies, accompanied by my kids, their significant others, and my three grandkids.

A good MOAM plan.

Have a nice Day.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Knee Jerk Response

Naturally the President turned a tragic senseless mass killing in South Carolina into a platform for his gun control agenda.   Plus he pulled some claim out of his ass that this type of senseless act with firearms is an American Phenomenon.

You knew that was coming,  It is Obama's nature.  The Conservative blogs debunked the American Phenomenon claim easy enough with instances of such heinous acts happening all over the world.

And the 2nd Amendment knee jerkers came out with their normal response for the right to bear arms.

I believe in the right to bear arms and I possess permits to carry throughout Northern New England. The process to gain this permit and the rules that apply to it in Massachusetts are thorough and restrictive.

In my case, the Marblehead police uncovered stuff in my public record that I was amazed had been recorded, and I was questioned extensively about the items that were exposed from decades ago.  It took at least two months to get the permit, and then when I went and purchased a firearm, the licensed dealer also performed a background check before making the sale.

I think that  these rules are fair, and still allow me to exercise my 2nd Amendment Constitutional rights to bear arms for the protection of my home and family.   The Massachusetts process could easily be replicated on the Federal level.

Is this process in place in South Carolina, where that little racist Bastard decided to kill innocent worshipers in Church just because of the color of their skin?    I don't know.

The evidence suggests that his father gave the senseless serial killer a gun.  

If I were King, justice would be swift.   String up the Shooter, String up the Father, and initiate laws with strong background checks and waiting periods for prospective gun owners.

The FACTS (NOT Liberal Feelings of What Should Be) show that criminal acts are highest in areas where gun ownership is banned.... like Obama's Sweet Home Chicago.

Allow responsible citizens to exercise their 2ND Amendment right to bear arms, and severely punish those who endeavor to thwart the vetting process.

Plus, attend to the victims of mental illness, who overwhelmingly perpetrate these crimes.

The little Russian Scumbags who killed and maimed hundreds at the Boston Marathon Bombing didn't use firearms... they used pressure cookers.    The Perps will find a way.

Our leaders should look at this issue based upon facts, and not knee jerk, removal of our Constitutional Rights.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

French Cleat system

  This ingenious french hook system is going to get a workout this weekend.  Bought strapping and hooks from Home Depot yesterday, and the shed will shortly be completely organized with various customized tool holders and shelving which will be locked onto angled wood strips which I am cutting from inexpensive strapping
The aim is to get everything possible off of the floor and the counter tops and onto the wall.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Water Biking

This bad boy cycle unit may well be incorporated into the Marblehead Gunning Dory under development in the Nanepashemet Peabody Shop.

Monday, June 15, 2015

The Trans-Species Life

I don't exactly know how to disclose this.... it's a bit perplexing and rather embarrassing...

But I'm convinced that my Cat, Henry, is not feeling fulfilled within his feline pelt.
He tries to bark, gnaws on bones, and always waits at the back door with a leash in his month looking for a walk in the park with me.
Henry wants to be a Dog, and claims that he never felt Feline even as a young kitten.  I can see it in his eyes that he is yearning to assume his true identity.

What the Hell am I supposed to do????  Let him wallow though life totally juxtapositioned as a Dog in a Cat's body????

No Freaking way....

I've already started a number of Google searches looking for a Veterinarian who will start the arduous trans-species process of converting Henry to a Scottish Terrier.

There are rumors that they do this type of procedure in Denmark, and I will book a flight to Copenhagen in a nano-second if we can find a enlightened Vet who can help Henry realize his dream of liberation as a Canine.

Only then can he be truly free.

Thinking of renaming him Haigis.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Posting Dropoff

Sorry for the unprecedented drop off in posts.

Lots of stuff has been going on.... some good,,,,, some really sucky.

The death of John Aucone, and debilitating sickness among family and friends has covered the sucky parts.  By contrast, everything else is good.

This has been a period where I am reminded of mortality.  Despite our best efforts, decay and death are the inevitable destiny that we face.  Granted, your beliefs give you solace that there is a hereafter and a time of renewal and rebirth.   Religions have persecuted and massacred each other in order to prove that their particular version of cosmology is the truth.... which pretty much gives you a clue to avoid organized religion as a life path if you can manage it.

I believe in energy, and that our life spirit and consciousness is energy.   Physics teaches us that energy can never be created nor destroyed.  Is there a God undercurrent who is a source of harmony, goodness, and reason for this journey?   I do believe so, but that part is a bit harder to define.

So there you have it.  All of our worries and foibles during this life of trials and the siege of decay will eventually dwindle as we morph into the next phase of existence in another dimension.

But the physical and emotional pain of transition calls for a response.   Prayer.  Asking God for an easier, less derisive passage.

I have some prayers I have to say... for some people who deserve an easier voyage.