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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Perception of Leaders

I'm trying to back off from my fixation with Hillary Clinton.  It's just that it bothers me when people lie... and others ignore the lie.  Like when Elizabeth Warren said that she was a Cherokee Indian at Harvard, and wished to have lunch with others who shared her background...then went on to be elected US Senator from Massachusetts anyhow over a stand up guy like Scott Brown.
People who support sleazy liars are the real A-Holes.... probably worse than the lying liars themselves.  Clinton wants to represent everyday Americans while she and her pervert Hubby have been world class influence peddlers.... amassing a $300M fortune and accepting foreign donations to her "Foundation" while she was the leading official in the US for foreign affairs as Secretary of State.
The "Foundation" claimed no foreign donations for the past four years.... but now it appears that they made a "mistake" and are filing revised returns with the IRS.  H. claims to have been under sniper fire in Serbia.... but when facts proved otherwise.... now claims that she "misspoke".
If you do this shit, you are sleazy and if you believe these excuses and disclaimers, you are stupid.
Do Democrats really want to nominate such a sleaze candidate?  I just don't get it.
Logic would dictate that the massive amount of shit that has been thrown against the Clinton wall will begin to stick.   But the massive amount seems to be the problem in and of itself.   As her examples of sleaze and bad behavior accumulate in layer after layer... and her sheep herd continues to ignore the stench, it seems that more revelations just don't matter.... just more distractions as Hillary has stated.
I guess all politics really boils down to a sense of class and pecking order.   If you feel powerless and disenfranchised, and want to thrash back.... maybe you tend to believe mindless epithets thrown out by self-serving pols like Hillary Clinton who profit so immensely by staying in power.  They will say and do anything to keep their position and masterfully manipulate the vote of people that don't care about facts and the truth.
Democrats need to find someone else to challenge Hillary.   Surely someone can articulate the Liberal position without all of the baggage that Clinton possesses.   If Clinton rolls to the nomination despite all of the evidence of wrongdoing, then I have to change my perception of what this country seeks for in its leaders.

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