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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Day

It was a nice Christmas.

Christmas is such a time marker.  You remember all of the things that you did on this day throughout your life.  Memories of you as a little kid, as a young adult, as a new parent, and now as a grandparent come crashing through, without much of a sorting.

It is a day of mixed emotions.... thinking of times in your life that are changed forever, and people as well as pets, who have left for another dimension.   My father died on Christmas Day.  I always relive that event on Dec. 25th also.  I remember that it was so cold that day, that the wine that my mother had in her trunk was frozen when she brought it into our house in Lynn.

This year was the opposite.   You could have had Christmas Dinner outside on the Marblehead deck.  It was uncomfortably warm.  I'm grateful that my Liberal friends didn't start in with a "Global Warming" chorus.  I like to drop the political rants around the Holidays.  There will be many times ahead to resume that debate.

Traditions have changed over the years.  They have to as families change, and people move to different locations for their homes.  We started some new ones this year that I hope will continue.

When I was kid, I was always so excited about the Christmas presents that I was about to get.  The big change now is that I appreciate gifts that  I receive, but the greatest joy is in seeing the people you love open the presents that you have given.  This year, it was jewelry for the daughters, Kreg tools for the sons, and Kindle Tablets for the grandkids.   Will and Ethan checked out with their Kindles.... there was no more conversation as they lapsed into an online game focus.

The star of the day for me was someone that I didn't even know last Christmas.... my 11 month old Grandson Connor.   His joy to be around people spread pure joy to everyone that he was around.

My brother, Jamie,  was in the Hospital in Florida, and calls to him and my mother made me feel sad that their Christmas was not exactly tidings of comfort and joy.  My new year's hope is for health for them soon.

Joanne again served the fifteen people at our Christmas Dinner table with incredible culinary skill and Bam and Bampy seemed to enjoy the Fixings as they have for many years now.

In some ways, this Christmas seems to be a landmark shift.  With our kids all happily married and building traditions around their homes and growing extended families.  The circle of life seems to be in full swing this year.

I hope that all of you Peeps enjoyed the day.... and that the mixture of memories and emotions have left you on the up side.   Looking forward to wishing you a Happy New Year.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dump and Deep PC Do Do

 I like the Dump. I purposefully do not put my trash out for curbside pickup so I can take it to the Dump. 

People in Marblehead look very humble at the Dump. Doing their duty.... so to speak.   In this Town, they call the Dump the Marblehead Transfer Station.  But I'm not at a "Station".... I'm at the Dump, and I'm not "Transferring" trash.... I'm Dumping it.

I like the guys and ladies who work at the Dump too. They are either really grouchy or have a great sense of humor. I suppose those are appropriate defense mechanisms if your job is working at the dump. 

I once met up with Judy Goodman at the dump who said "What's the matter? Haven't your ever seen a Jew go to the Dump?" Even though I've spent many happy times with her and her husband Bobby Goodman at the Murray's house during their annual Christmas Eve Party,  I know that Judy and Bobby are Jewish..... with absolutely no idea how this demographic info was actually initially communicated.

I'm sure that I must have seen Jews at the Dump, because I've seen hundreds of people there, and I can't tell the difference between a Jew or a Gentile, unless it is one of those Hassidic Jews with the funny hats and curley hair.  Chances are that a lot of the people there were Jewish that I saw during my many visits from year to year.

 Not sure why Judy said that to me, but I thought it was pretty funny at the time. 

Do you think someone will think I am Anti-Semitic for telling this story?   KMA if you do.  

For some reason, I have a feeling in my gut that this is the type of post that can come back and bite me in the ass.   That PC Police are waiting to pounce on anyone who writes anything about an ethnic demarcation, designation or phrase.   

 I mean, Judy said it, and it was funny.  And now I can say that I have for certain. 

But all I started to mention in this post was that I went to the Dump today...   Now I'm in Deep PC Do Do.

Next time Judy, just throw your trash into the Dump and stop trying to mess with me.  

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Trolling for Libbies

Lately I've been trolling around some Liberal Facebook posting sites and jib jabbing a litle bit.
Yes.  I know it is a bit juvenile and not really a fitting activity for a Mountain of a Man like myself.
  But it's wicked fun to mess with the Lefties.  
They love to insult you when you actually dispute that Obama was not as bad as Bush (a central fall back position for the Libbies), and of course you are an ignorant moron if you dare articulate that Global Warming (which they now call Climate Change) is a shame and a hoax designed to focus the Sheep Herd away from shit that really matters.
They generally shut up though when you intimate that they support the Butchers of Planned Parenthood selling body parts.  They don't deny it, they just shut up.
Sarah Palin puts them right the frig over the top.  They are so afraid of  strong, honest conservative women.  And BTW, Conservative Women are so way hotter that Lib Fems.   Palin v. H.... imagine if H looks this bad now, how she would look and sound after 8 years of slinging the Bullshit during her nightmare terms as POTUS.
OK.... maybe I should go easier on the mentally challenged Libbies.
But when they swoon over Barack Obama, or state how Hillary Clinton is going to take care of them, big time gag reflex leaves me staggering.
And here's a little tip if you ever get the urge to do a little trolling yourself.
Libs hate it when you tell them that Tom Brady is a Republican.  They go straight into denial mode and Google their ass off trying to come up with way to counteract this unfortunate truth. 
It's pretty funny.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Intellectual Laziness and Moral Repugnance

Peeps - 
I don't give a rat's ass if you like Donald Trump or not....

He is controversial, and it is legitimate if you don't like him or are turned off by what he says.

But it Pisses me off BIG TIME, to call Trump a racist when you don't agree with him, like the Libs are doing this morning with his stand on Syrian Refugees and Muslim immigration. 

We have a situation here and in the rest of the world where innocent people are being murdered and slaughtered by Radical Muslims.   And there is no easy way to vet if people, who meet the profile, are wired to indiscriminately lay a pressure cooker bomb next to a family at the Boston Marathon, or enter a Christmas Party filled with hard working Americans from the Melting Pot and spray them with automatic fire, or walk into a Rock Concert in Paris and pump round after round into innocent music fans.

So Trump has been calling for temporary measures to assess the situation and propery manage the problem.... in contrast to Obama who is looking to escalate the flow of refugees into the US.

Naturally, my knee jerk, bleeding heart Liberal friends have labeled Trump as a racist and pasted a Hitleresque image on him.  Despite this, Americans are lining up with Trump to a remarkable degree.

So the Libs resort to calling these Americans racist.

This is complete Bullshit.

 If Americans were racist against Muslims, then Muslims would have been hanging from the trees after 4000 people died on 9/11. 

The fact is that Americans are remarkably tolerant against Muslims. Four times as many hate crimes are committed against Jews than Muslims in this country.  And if you deny this, then GOOGLE THAT. ... to your Liberal Bleeding Heart's Content.

To resort to calling people racist because of legitimate concerns is intellectually lazy and morally repugnant.

Open your eyes to the problem.  Work for a solution.  But don't just glibly call people "Racist"  who are trying to figure this out this exasperating issue.

Obama has left a huge leadership gap in the War Against Terrorism.  Trump is filling the gap for many.

Friday, December 04, 2015

How Are Ya?

This week, your MOAM has another birthday coming up. Another Time Marker,

I'm not  going to tell you how old I am.... Let's just say that it is getting less and less of a shock to me that I have hit the sixties.

When I was a kid, and my Grandfather, Delbert Crosby, was sixty three, I thought that he was wicked old.   Now... not so much.

In some ways, I don't feel too old.  Still have my sense of humor and business competitiveness.  I like to think that my mind is pretty contemporary.  I'd like to retire, but I like working at my business, Nanepashemet Project Management as well, so that's a wash.

But I can't throw, run, or shoot a basketball.  Would not lace up a pair of skates if you paid me, and am not an enthusiast about skiing unless it's with the Grandkids. Golf and Tennis????  Nope and I don't think so.   Biking is ok because it is easy on the joints and still gives you a little speed rush.  And I like to lift weights if my back is up to it.

I feel that my one time strength is still there...old man strength they call it.  If I got the first punch in or so, you still might be in trouble if we got in a scuffle.   But I'd have a heart attack if things carried on a little too long.

Sex wise,... I'm not going there because my kids might read this,

I first started throwing my back out in my thirties and still lose it from time to time,  But now I see a chiropractor regularly and wear orthodics in my shoes, so this is semi under control

High Blood Pressure and Gout get managed with daily meds.... no biggie.

And I'm pretty used to the compressor and mask that I have to use every night to curb my case of severe sleep apnea.

All three kids are grown, married, relatively healthy and seem to be productively occupied in careers and perpetuating the race.  Happy about that too.  My mother is still alive in her late eighties and lives in Florida with my my brother, Jim.  Joanne is happy working with kids in Salem and seems to be healthy as well.  Her parents are old as dirt and still living in Lynn too.  So the genes are in place to get really elderly and be a burden to our kids in the next thirty years or so.

All in all, getting older doesn't feel that bad.

I can't take 100 mi. bike rides, like my friend, Christos Laganos who was in my first grade class with with me at the Highland Elementary Public School in Lynn, but I'm happy to see the progress that he has made in proving that such a vigorous life is possible at my age, For various reasons, I haven't pursued this intensive an activity.

I like to play my guitar and banjo at night after Joanne goes to bed, and feel that I am improving' although I would never ask her opinion and doubt that she would cut me any slack.  My interest in boatbuilding and woodworking is always under the surface.  Lately, an interest in solar energy and aquaponics has kept my attention as well.

Love my cat, Henry, my grandsons Will, Ethan and Connor, and the highlight of every day is checking with Joanne to see if she has heard from the kids.   No matter how old they are, you think and worry as a parent every day.  I'm grateful that Ryan, Katelyn and Michael have all found spouses that I love like my own kids.

I've gotten much more attentive politically and can't stand circumstances where people in this society do not take responsibility for themselves and look to the government and community as some sort of safety net that they are entitled to.  I realize that some people need to be taken care of, but I also realize that Liberals like Hilary Clinton perpetuate this on order to gain power and control.  Politicians who manipulate and lie to the people are anathema to me.

My faith in God is formed though a combination of Roman Catholic culture and Eastern Mysticism and I believe in a Higher Power that guides our life and all of the mysteries of being alive.  I pray often,

More and more, as I get older, I could care less what other people think of me, as long as I feel that I am being honest with myself and fair with others.

All in all, the most important thing is to have few regrets when you die, which means that you tried to do the right thing and ventured forth in life.  From that standpoint, I am at peace with myself.

But there are still business deals to do, boats to build, and family occasions to savor, so I'm in no hurry to call it a day.

I appreciate the sentiment if I am wished a "Happy Birthday" this week.... and if you ask "How are Ya?"  ..... Now you know,

Thursday, December 03, 2015

San Bernardino Scores

Tragedy in San Bernardino,

Many of you have clamored me to spill out the thoughts of the MOAM on the unspeakable events in San Bernardino.

You've probably heard this stuff before, but it bears repeating.

Our POTUS immediately jumps to his theme of gun control.  Leftys like Obama and Hillary always want to take our rights and guns away.  Fascists always disarm the populace  BO gives a pass to Muslim Jihad..... let's not draw conclusions here.  Just because these suspects are Muslims and armed to the teeth, the Prez preaches to his herd that this is an unfortunate coincidence.

But, It is definitely a problem that these "workplace violence" Islamic perps had so much ordinance. Although it's also too bad that their victims had no arms.

When Syed Farook and his wife open fired on unarmed meeting attendees, the score was ....
SCUMBAG Terrorists               14
Good guys w/o guns                    0

When Fucking Farook met up with armed police the score was....
SCUMBAG Terrorists                   0
Good guys with guns                     2

Game, Set, Match, good guys with guns.

At this time, in our civilized society, it is highly recommended that a good portion of us should lawfully carry concealed weapons.

And until we get some leadership that are on the Good Guys side and stop calling this attack by SCUMBAG Terrorists as "Workplace Violence", we are driving blind.

BTW, the San Bernardino Police Department seems to be a badass organization and they did a hell of a job pinning down  Phucking Farook and his stupid wife.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Lunch Charge

Daughter Katelyn Boyle and her sister-in-law Diana Gonzalez hit my number at the BYC this afternoon.

I don't mind the charge, but I hate it when they make the ocean tilt.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Blessings of the Season

The Bash at Ryan and Kim's house was a worthy edition to the revered 25 year old event.  Ryan's smoked ribs gave homage to the culinary excellence that has been a hallmark of the Bash year after year.  The spread included Tommy O's Bobby Bryne Clam Chowder and  Daughter-in-Law Pam Nestor's Pam Pies.   Mike Nestor  cracked open a new bottle of Lagavulin 16 year, and the King of Scotch held its own amid the bounty of the event.

Finer fare is not to be found.

I did get a little pushback from SuperPeep Brian Butler, who was obviously disappointed that the cuisine did not include my celebrated "White Trash Balls".   Note taken, and we will make sure that we supplement next year's occasion with the low nutritive, but soul satisfying morsels.

The attendance of 10 month old Grandson, Connor Boyle, who firmly held center stage for most of the evening, reminded Joanne and I that we have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Day.

This morning, plans of the MOAM includes making bread dough for the feast served at Ryan and Kim's, then getting a 10 mile Marblehead Bike Loop in before cleaning up for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Despite the rawness, and unfairness of life from time to time, it's a good practice to reflect on your blessings.  Last night filled with family, friends and food, was a great example.

 Happy Thanksgiving to you Peeps.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Passing of the BASH Torch.

This year's Night Before Thanksgiving Day Bash is at eldest son, Ryan's, house this year.

32 Beverly Ave., Marblehead... where the Bash began ... is where the tradition will resume.

Joanne is happy about this, and I am ambivalent.

Some things I like about the change, and some things I don't.

But regardless. the BASH Torch has been passed.

Ryan and Kim are adding their own flair to the event with some kegs and smoked chicken.... a classy upgrade in my opinion.

So if by pure force of habit, you Peeps come to the Sundance House this evening, the doors will be locked and you will just have to head down the street to 32 Beverly Ave,
You'll have to deal with a little change too.

How hard can that be?

Monday, November 23, 2015

Hakuna Matata

Lately I've been particularly aggravated by the Liberal Narrative as we are mocked and derided if we feel that it is prudent not to open our doors to Syrian Refugees during this time of great terrorist disturbances by Radical Muslim factions.

So I guess you are a racist or Islamaphobe if you tend to believe that charity begins at home and we should concentrate on our own problems.

And when I thoughtfully suggest that my Liberal friends either take a Syrian Refugee family into their homes or STFU because their position otherwise is phucking hypocritical, I get accused of being rude and subsequently am blocked from their Progressive Occupy Democrat Facebook pages.

You just can't be nice and win.

So this holiday season, my goal is to tone down the rhetoric.  Normally, I'm fine with wishing someone a "Merry Christmas" due to my Roman Catholic cultural background.   But I know that this offends some of my sensitive Lefty friends.   And I try to stay away from the sterile "Happy Holidays" because that tends to piss off Conservatives who can't deal with political correctness.

Quite the quandary if your intent is to lessen your "offensive footprint".

I've decided to go with "Hakuna Matata" this season.

I remember when I first heard the phrase on the Lion King, it sounded fun to say even if you didn't know what it mean't.

So that's the deal.   Hakuna Matata.  To you and Yours.
And Happy New Year.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Democrat Card

After watching Congressman Seth Moulton spar with Governor Baker over admitting Syrian Refugees into Massachusetts, I have to question my hopes that Democrat Seth would be different.

Is it possible to be a Democrat and not be a Moonbat?

It must be nice to have a philosophy that denies evil and incompetence in the world.   Let in the Syrian Refugees.  Vet them thoroughly and believe that no Jihadists will slip through to kill thousands of Americans here.

All Righty then... I'm there.  Where do I get my Democrat Card?

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Incredibly Competent Obama

President Obama seems conflicted by the tragedy in Paris.

He has said the right words, but drive and conviction seems to be obviously lacking.

The leadership reactions to this Terrorist Attack have been made by President Hollande and Vladimir Putin.

Barack Hussein Obama was brought up as an Anti-Imperialist Muslim and mentored by Marxists and Alinsky Radicals. His policies to give America it's exacerbating internal race relations and weakening our international presence has been true to his convictions. From that standpoint... he has been incredibly effective in implementing his ideals.

I have been guilty in the past of thinking that he is incompetent, probably because I so disagree with his policies and approaches... He is not incompetent. He has manipulated this country and the world in a remarkable way and can sit back and enjoy the havoc that he has wrought on a country that he despises..

Friday, November 13, 2015

Such a Waste

President Obama is a Black American.
African American race relations are as bad now as I have experienced in my sixty years.

President Obama is a Muslim.... at the very least, his father is a Muslim, and he has proclaimed his Muslim faith on numerous occasions.
The radical Muslim sect, ISIS. is on a suicide mission to terrorist the West.

Do you get the feeling that Obama is an influence for national and international discord in the world?  He is a catalyst for polarization and hate.

Such a waste... Such a FREAKING WASTE!

I actually believed, seven years ago when he attained the Presidency, that he represented a new era of harmony and tolerance.  That was an egregious error in judgement on my naive part.  His ideological pettiness has spawned a new era of unrest and discord.

As I write this, 158 people have been slaughtered in Paris.  What a horrendous failure of leadership!  We have a President who has weakened the American presence in the world and allows hate and class warfare to fester..... maybe on purpose?   Or maybe because he has just been incompetent.

I believe that the country will flock to Trump.... who represents strength and action in dealing with the political landscape.   But I just can't leave the feeling that Obama wasted a golden opportunity to create a world of orderly change.  Such a waste of so much promise.

Monday, November 09, 2015

Merry Christmas Starbucks

 Starbucks has come out with their "Holiday Cups" for this season of coffee drinking during Christmas.  Unlike previous years, the cups have no traditional Christmas decoration and are said to be designed to be more inclusive.
Nobody asked me, but you are kind of a loser if you go to a Starbucks to look at their cups.  The reason that they can get away with all of the "Tall" and "Barista" BS is because some people, including me, will pay their premium for a strong cup of coffee.
I don't go there to have a conversation about race relations with one of their goofy "Baristas".... and I don't go there to look at their paper coffee cups.... I go to get a decent cup of coffee, even if it is overpriced.
Companies like Starbucks, or Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream.... that like to accentuate their product with their political leanings get my patronage because I like their coffee and I like their ice cream, and I could care less what type of lefty message these companies seek to convey.   As much as political discourse is pleasurable to me, there are times when you have to be singular in purpose and dial back your attention to what is in the cup, not what is on it.

Monday, November 02, 2015

Nice Bookcase

 I saw this bookcase on Pinterest, using closet door slabs as the sides.  Peabody Building Supply has an awesome inventory of solid pine slabs to choose from and they are very reasonably priced.

Thinking of making two of these.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Sliding Seat kayak Platform

Drop-in Rowing Unit

How cool is it that  Boulter Plywood.... perhaps the best distributor of marine plywood in the world.... is only located a few miles down the road in Somerville, MA,

I am planning to buy a few sheets of  Okoume A/B BS1088 Lloyds Approved , 4x8 12 mm stock to craft a deck for my sliding seat kayak rowing craft.

Hope to be gliding around Marblehead Harbor before Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Why Liberals Suck


She will do or say anything to anyone.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Aquaponics Concepts - Zero In on the Best Alternative

Aquaponics: Turns out that I can buy food grade IBC containers in good condition for $100 at a source on Highland Ave. in Salem.  Will pick a couple soon and work on them at the Peabody shop.Free Workshop Build a Backyard Fishfarm in an Afternoon: Construction of Automatic Bell Siphons for Backyard Aquaponic Systems - detailed info & photos: Many species of fish are suitable for aquaculture and aquaponics. Species which have been researched and successfully reared in cages in the southeastern region of the U.S. include:catfish, trout, tilapia, striped bass, red drum, bluegill sunfish,crappie, and carp. As this interest continues to increase,more research into cage culture techniques and alternate species will no doubt occur. We have a PDF you can look at about freshwater species.: Backyard Aquaponics • View topic - Medium system picture gallery (500L - 3000L) (130 - 790gal): aquaponics farm installation: Aquaponics setup from IBC totes.  Find on craigslist for $60 - $100 each. (they sell these down the road from me cheap but they go FAST) I need to do this!:

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Federal Street Fire Station

 This is the Fire Station on Federal Street in Lynn where my father and his friends built their boats in the back room.  They had to remove a wall to get the boats out when finished,   I doubt that Fire Department regs would permit this today.

He and his buddies built a 14 ft. runabout that had fins on the back.   We test launched it in Sluice Pond behind the present Four Winds Pub.   It was powered by a 35 HP Johnson outboard that I remember was not very reliable.  It was kept on Swain's Lake aka Union Lake in East Barrington, NH where my parents had a summer camp.

I remember hanging around the station during the 4th of July, and watching the fire fighters slide down the 15 ft. brass pole from the second floor to the first, hurrying to respond to bon fires.  The station has been demolished for years and General Electric is now at the site.

Friday, October 09, 2015

Solar Powered Aquaponics Project

This is how I'm going to power the pump for the aquaponics system that I am planning.   Going off grid just for the hell of  it.  Going with a bank of two 12V deep cycle batteries to start and two 100 Watt solar panels.   Will invest in a 3000 Watt DC to AC inverter to be able to run power tools off the system from time to time as well as the pump which should operate 24/7. 

I haven't yet decided on the fish tank and vegetable bed designs, nor have I told Joanne about where this is going in the yard.

Have to design the swirl filter and siphon drain systems, plus I'd love to catch some local wild bluegill or perch for the fish tanks.  Also have to research what plants to use in the winter months.... probably garlic and kale.  I think that I'm going with ibc tote foodgrade containers to modify for the beds and fish tank.

The beds will be flushed with the below bell siphon.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Time for an Autumn Cocktail

So for the Patriots Jaguars game, Joanne has some beer can chicken on the grill while I  whipped up a batch of apple crisp and baked a couple loaves of bread.

Plus, with the cool Sept. temps rolling in, it is time to reintroduce the official Nanepashemet cocktail of autumn..... Seagrams VO and Apple Cider with a little nutmeg and cinnamon, preferably served in a Masons Jar.

The Pats are up 10 to 3 in the 2nd qtr, and I am also on my 2nd.

Home Course

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Your MOAM Fix

Lots of Peeps have been emailing me, leaving voicemails, messaging lately.

The consistent theme on all of these feeble attempts to communicate with the MOAM is a pathetic inquiry into what particular circumstances have been occupying my time lately.

Since I don't blog half as much as I used to, there is a part of me that comes close to sympathizing with the agony that ordinary Peeps must feel when they can't gain solace or inspiration by constantly observing and emulating my latest moves.

And since I am a MOAM of extraordinary compassion for lesser Peeps, Ive decided to share with you a bit of my latest mundane, yet extremely intriguing, day to day activities.

Last night, Joanne and I went to the Warwick Cinema in downtown Marblehead to see a showing of "Black Mass".... the story of  the South Boston criminal, Whitey Bulger, starring Johhny Depp.  Peeps... this is no freaking sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean,  Depp was terrifying as the ruthless thug, and the Boston scenes and characterizations were interesting and believably accomplished.

I've always had a soft spot for Billy Bulger, the Massachusetts Senate President and brother to Whitey.   I feel that he was an effective leader during a tumultuous period, but his legacy will always be eclipsed by the fact that we was Whitey's brother.  I've met and been in his company several times and have a fondness for a man who would not wilt under the pressures of a liberal Massachusetts establishment that was threatened by his populist successes.

Billy's characterization in Black Mass was well done, yet I feel came short of the depth and complexity of the man and his public conundrums.

After the theater, we headed over to the Boston Yacht Club for a Friday night dinner.   The BYC is the best of the yacht clubs in Marblehead in my opinion... solely because thy had the insight yet incredible misjudgment to accept your MOAM as a member.   The Commodore Prime Rib cut, served by Kasandra, the pretty young waitress from Springfield,  didn't disappoint.  After a couple of Jameson Irish night caps, Friday night concluded rather successfully.

This morning, despite a case of sciatica that has been ravaging the MOAM's lower extremities for the past week, I hoped on the Ttek Domane Road Bike and pedaled the 10.8 miles to son, Mike's Beverly Farms house. Mike was psyched to have gotten nice price to remove a couple of lumbering pines in his yard, and he and Pam were preparing to go to Conn. for a wedding or something.   I moved on and rode the 6,2 miles to Katelyn's house in Wenham.

This Sciatica case has me baffled.   No pain pushing on the road bike, but standing around is close to unbearable... even for a stiff upper lib MOAM like myself.   Kate and Brady drove me and the bike in their SUV to Manchester where we took a look at the totally cool 1830's vintage map of the US that they have recovered from their Wenham house renovation.   We went over to Essex, where a antique map expert blew us away with his understanding and interpretation of the may based upon his knowledge of American History, and the way that the map gave away its historical age by the territory names that it portrayed.   It may be valuable if it can be meticulously restored.

So then Kate and Brady drove me as far as the Beverly Salem Bridge where I got out and pedaled the five miles back home to Marblehead.

So that's it for now, Peeps.  Other stuff might have happened, but Ill leave that up to your fantasies and pathetic imagination.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Facebook! Are you there???

I have a weird feeling that Facebook is blocking me.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Great Men

Dad and Bill jpg 2

This is a photo of my father, John Nestor, on the left and my good friend, Bill Calnan, third from the left.  Looks like they are bowling in the Lynn Division 10  Ancient Order of Hibernian’s bowling league in the early 1960’s.

Bill worked with me at the Lynn Housing Authority and was my most trusted confidant in a highly volatile work environment, and my father…. well.. he sired me among other things.

Both of these guys taught me a lot, and both passed way too soon.

Some of you Peeps knew them.  I wish all of you could have.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Stupid Douche Bags

Not that you asked for my opinion.... you rarely do.... but I feel the need to add to the Akashic narrative tonight with the wisdom/stupidity of this humble offering.

If you are a 14 year old Muslim kid named Mohammed from Texas.... don't be bringing a lunch box filled with wires and that is ticking to show to the kids at your school.  Because you will be handcuffed and incarcerated.

Is this a case of profiling????   You bet your politically correct ass it is.  And well it should be.   A class of people with significant percentages calling us the "Great Satan" and screaming "Death to America" should gain our passing interest.   Especially right around 9/11.  Remember the murders at Fort Hood and the Boston Marathon???   Who the PHUCK caused these atrocities????? Presbyterians?   Episcopalians????   No... it was Muslims.

So let's not be so freaking open minded that our squishy brains fall out.

What kind of public official would let this instance go unchecked in light of the contemporary facts?

But what I fail to understand is that the mentally deranged POTUS of this unfortunate country invites little Mohammed to the White House.  And tells him to bring along his "Clock".

Sorry Peeps.... I'm about to call the President of the United States a STUPID DOUCHE BAG.   Sure his Dad was a Muslim, Barack  most assuredly is as well, such as he has admitted to an exasperated George Stephanopoulous ..... but the facts remain that a Muslim kid running around with a device that looks like a Freaking BOMB should be tackled and hogtied.   Not invited to the Oval Office for a photo op.

Please stop me before the FBI and NSA send me and this pathetic Blog to the Gulag.

I'm pissed off at what Muslim Extremist Terrorists have done to my countrymen.   If I had relatives killed or maimed at the Twin Towers or the Boston Marathon.... I honestly don't know how I would control myself when I hear the President of the United States glibly tweets encouragement to a stupid Muslim kid in Texas with no sensibility.

There are two stupid douche bags in this post.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Information Technology

We have become beholden to our computers.  They allow us to process stuff so quickly that expectations for instant response…. not only from customers and co-workers, but also from ourselves and the stress that we place on our own production….is becoming overburdening.  There is always one more task that you can squeeze out, which causes ennui.

testing Windows 10

Here goes another dozen hours or so.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Sept. Start

A good start to the week.  Tme to clear up the details.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tom Brady and MOAM's.

This Nanepashemet Blog keeps cruising to the top of the Blog world... now ranking in the top 5000 in the United States,,,, despite my neglect in posts and overall drop in intellectual contribution,
I guess it's part of the MOAM Mystique.   Things just keep getting better no matter what the Hell I do.
Like my grilled pizza for example.  Tonight, in anticipation of the Patriots-Steelers season opener, I grilled a artichoke, olive and pepperoni pizza with a mozzarella provolone cheese mixture and tomato vodka sauce.   The grill got to 600 degrees before I put the pizza onto the stone and in five minutes I was eating the best pizza ever made by a person of Irish American descent.
Granted, my Godfather was an Italian, but we fell out of touch years ago,
Even Joanne said it was good, and she secretly hates it when my cooking kicks ass.
So now I have laid down a good base to see Tom Brady and the Pats take the field this evening at 8:30PM at Gillette Stadium.

Speaking of Brady..... the country has been embroiled in a sideshow in the offseason regarding charges that Brady cheated by managing a convoluted process to lessen the air pressure in the game footballs.  I find it amusing as well as irritating at the people who rush to judgement to declare that Tom Brady cheats using this ridiculous ruse.

Brady commits the cardinal sin,,, he is extremely competent in his job in a very competitive industry.  Guys like that always are victimized by lesser men,,,, those who know they could never be his peer, and seek to punish him because of their own deeply held self-disgust,

Peeps,.. I know of which I speak,   It happens to every MOAM.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

September Focus

First day of September.  The bite of last winter is still with me, and now the summer is almost gone.  September stills feels like a summer month here in New England, with the days starting to shorten and a chill starting to move into the air though.

I haven't caught one fish this summer, and it has been an unproductive season in other ways as well.  The death of Lisa and the marriage of Mike and Pam were two emotional extremes that colored the season.

There is still a month and a half of solid boating, and I would like to get out and do some serious fishing as the Blues and Stripers get ready to head back south this year.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

It's a Fact

I'm much more interested in people's bias and opinions than a compilation of facts. People generally don't care about facts. If they did, then this country wouldn't be subsidizing an agency that sells fetus parts.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Zombie Attack

PHOTO: President Barack Obama, left, talks with former President Bill Clinton, right, as they play golf on the first hole at Farm Neck Golf Club in Oak Bluffs, Mass., on Marthas Vineyard, Aug. 15, 2015.
You know that I have been highly critical of our POTUS, Barack Hussein Obama.

But that's just politics... I would never wish him any physical harm.

That's why I was so disturbed when I saw this photo of the Prez being threatened by this Zombie disguised as Bill Clinton as he was trying to get in a simple round of golf during his 2 1/2 week vacation at Martha's Vineyard.

Where the Hell is the Secret Service when you really need them????

Friday, August 14, 2015

More Stuff to Ponder

Stuff I've been thinking about lately....

Tom Brady is completely innocent, and Roger Goodell is a manipulative asshole.   Brady and Belichick have figured out how to dominate the NFL and thus have acquired many enemies.... both in brain dead fans of opposing teams, and owners who can't beat the Pats no matter what.   Brady is an honest achiever, which causes immense jealousy from all of the posers out there.

Hilary Clinton will not win the Democratic nomination for President.... Joe Biden will.   The fast and loose practice of Clinton's use of classified top secret documents has people with the real power.... deep in the CIA, NSA and other parts of the Spook Community,,,  wicked pissed off, and she will be lucky to get out without a legal indictment or worse.

The EPA's incompetence in polluting major river watersheds in the West is an example of the ineptness of the Obama administration.   The lack of management skill is so apparent throughout this regime.... from their ineptness in foreign policy, to the debacle of ObamaCare, to the IRS scandal, to the immigration debacle,to the utter deterioration of race relations,  etc, etc. etc..... and now the EPA poisoning the river shows that the buffoonery is completely widespread.  Liberals cannot administer.

Bill Cosby is a disgusting piece of Doggy Doo Doo.   With all of his money, he couldn't get a little poon tang without drugging women.   He is a loser, and deserves to see his legacy completely emasculated.

Did I already say that Tom Brady is completely innocent?   He should sue that dirtbag Goodell for character assassination.   Goodell needs to feel the wrath of the Law of Karma sooner than later.

Getting old is a painful process.  You can't throw a baseball anymore, or shoot a basketball, or jog a mile.   At least you can ride a bike.... but then people people like your son, Ryan, tell you that local drivers are complaining about the way you ride.   Screw them.  Take a detour if you see me riding.  This is my last stand, and you can kiss my Fat, White, Irish Arse if you think I'm moving over because you want to get to the Yacht Club a few minutes earlier.

That's it for now.

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Satisfying, Yet Kind of Stinky

Stuff that has my juices flowing lately .....

Amy Shumer.   I think she is funny in an incredibly crude way.  I wouldn't watch her show around women that I didn't know well.   And she seems to be trending lately and gaining fame.
So.... That's it.   Don't be telling me about Gun Control, Amy.   You have absolutely no expertise.... just because you are good at slutty jokes.

Defunding Planned Parenthood.  Anyone who has ignored the videos where these Liberal Monsters discuss the way they harvest fetus parts for resale..... is an AssHole.   Capital A.  AssHole.   There is no excuse for not driving this barbaric program into the ground.   Let  someone else with ethics handle any lawful service that these Butchers are being subsidized for.

Donald Trump.  He is not a clown.   He is not a phony.   He is a phenomenally successful business man.   That didn't happen because he is lucky or endowed with previous wealth.   He is ahead of the pack because he has an innate sense of what works for people and what doesn't.  He can definitely win.

Iran Deal.  The Mullahs will certainly welsh on this.  After all... they have a contract with Infidels which can be voided at any time as far as they are concerned.   Obama and Kerry negotiated this to the best of their ability.... which is why the deal totally sucks.    It is only a matter of time until we will have to cruise missile the Iranian nuclear assets.

Hillary Clinton.  People who support her are delusional airheads.   "She is for women" is the slogan frequently heard by Moonbat admirers.   Especially those trailer park beauties preferred by her predator spouse, and oppressed Muslims living in those Middle Eastern countries that contribute to the Clinton Foundation.

Glad that I got these thoughts out.   It feels a little like passing gas after a plate of franks and beans,... Satisfying, yet still kind of Stinky.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Planned Butcherhood

Scientific proof that reincarnation is real.

Planned Parenthood harvests fetuses and butchers them to sell the parts.

Isn't that special?   We have been reverted to uncivilized barbarians.

BTW....  American taxpayers contribute 1/2 Billion dollars to this sick Liberal travesty of an organization every year.

I believe in the legality of a women's right to choose to abort her embryo.   I hope that the reason is always a soul searched extreme circumstance.  But to kill and harvest a fetus is immoral and should be criminal.   Then these self righteous monsters at Planned Parenthood take it one step further and seek to profit from the death of this baby by selling it's body parts.  

Why are we not stringing these criminals up??????

Monday, August 03, 2015

Mike and Pam

My youngest son, Mike, got married last Saturday in Jackson, NH to Pam Georgian.  They are wicked happy.

So are we.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Not this Time for Boston

The Olympics will not be coming to Boston in 2024.
Image result for boston olympics
Which is too bad.   How great would it have been to have the world focus on this great city for a few weeks?

 Of course, this is said naively without any reference to the gritty impacts and financial effort needed to properly stage such an international event.

Since I was a little kid, the Olympics, especially the Summer version, have held a special fascination.   Track and Field, Swimming, Boxing, Wrestling.... it is a chance to demonstrate peak performance to the world and is a showcase of fundamental human potential.

Melbourne, Tokyo, Mexico City, Munich, Montreal, Moscow, Los Angeles, Barcelona, London....  every four years was a benchmark and a focus for tremendous athletic effort.

When  Jimmy Carter decided to politicize the event and pull out of the Moscow Olympics.... ironically because of the involvement of the USSR in Afghanistan.....  he corrupted the concept with his self righteous dictate.  Of course the Russians retaliated by boycotting the subsequent Los Angeles games, and the hopes of a generation of athletes were soured.

And the slaughter of Israeli Athletes in Munich by Arab Extremists showed the world how imperfect a civilization this continues to be in our modern era.

Yet the concept of the world coming together to compete every four years has survived, and Boston, the victim of the unthinkable atrocity at the Boston Marathon just two years ago, gamefully pitched its hat in the ring.

John Fish, the hard driving and ultra successful President of Suffolk Construction, first became the public face in the effort to attract the Olympics to Boston in 2024.   I knew Fish when he was just starting out, and I always liked him as a person and admired his drive.  I believe his efforts were sincere and driven by a civic and patriotic desire to showcase his city, but he was met with negative skepticism of seeking to profit from the development of the Games here.   Even when he recused his construction company from any involvement, the criticism continued.

Boston is the home of many great things, but is also the home of the Big Dig, the development of an underground highway system which had become so rift with billion dollar overruns that it was impossible to calculate the financial hemorrhaging or assess the mismanagement.

Then the big mistake happened in my admittedly limited viewpoint.  A committee of paid consultants and staff, including former Gov. Deval Patrick and numerous outgoing bureaucrats were formed to spearhead the effort to secure the Olympic designation.

After the advent of Patrick on the scene, and the sense of another bureaucratic feeding frenzy, the public skepticism would be difficult to overcome.  When guys like Fish were displaced, with Patrick and his cronies bellying up to an open bar, you had to be extremely naive not to believe that the Boston and Massachusetts taxpayers would not be mortgaged with another wasteful and corrupt financial boondoggle.

Mayor Marty Walsh saw the writing on the wall, and pulled the plug today after noting that the City of Boston taxpayers would have to insure the International Olympic Committee that overruns would he covered.  How could any Boston politician comply with this stipulation with a straight face, given the history of the big dig and the bureaucratic hacks circling like vultures?

If John Fish could have run this like a private venture, Boston would have its Olympics.   But that wasn't going to happen.   Marty Walsh saw the reality, and did the right thing.

It could have been great though.  But not this time.

Storm is Lifting

View this photo on Instagram.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Farewell Lisa

So the Funeral for Lisa Panakio Rowe was yesterday, July 21, 2015.   

She was 58 years old when cancer mercilessly swept the life from her body.

We knew she was going to die for the past four weeks or so.... and so did she.  She was so strong in the face of death.   Flipped the bird at it.  Death held no power over her.  She said she was not afraid to die, and had a good life with Harvey and her family.   It was not an epithet.  It was a genuine statement.

One of her last words to Joanne and me was that "Life is a Blessing."   Staring at death, she celebrated her life.

There are so many things that you could say about Lisa and the way she looked at life.  You always wanted to share with her the stuff that was happening to you.   She would be happy and buoyant for the good stuff, and stood by you with support and loyalty when you talked about the things that were pissing you off.  

And she shared freely anything that was on her mind..... always with a keen sense of humor about things.   So many times, Joanne's cell phone would beep, and Joanne would get at smile on her face.   When I asked, "What are you smiling about?", her answer would be..."Text from Lisa."  She liked to call Joanne, "Dousher" and liked to call her stepson, Mark, "Fark".   Yet it was impossible to get irritated with her.

She supported Harvey and the incredible charitable work that he has spearheaded at My Brother's Table, Kentucky, Ecuador.... all leading to his inclusion in the Knights of Malta Catholic Order.   Even though she was irreverent about some of these things in her quips to Joanne and I, we always knew that this was her alter-ego trying to get a rise from us, and she firmly stood by the great work that Harvey has undertaken... and was so proud of Harvey's kids and Grandkids, who she loved and embraced as her own.

She was a joyful, funny, funny person.

And a steadfast, loyal, cherished friend, a loving wife, and a caring Nana.

Right now, the hole that she has left in our lives is a huge, gaping chasm.  I suppose that the sense of hurt and  loss will abate one of these days.   But not today.... and probably not for a long freaking time.

I'm pretty sure that she scored a place in Heaven, and is celebrating with her parents Lou and Marcia as I type this.

But we are still sad to see you go Lisa,

This is her Obit from the Lynn Daily Evening Item

LYNN — Mrs. Lisa Panakio Rowe, 58 years old, of Lynn, died Wednesday, July 15, 2015 in Lynn after a brief illness. She was the adored wife of Harvey Rowe, with whom she shared 30 years of marriage.
Lisa was born and raised in Lynn, the daughter of the late Louis J. Panakio and the late Marcia Panakio. She was a graduate of St. Mary’s High School and a graduate of St. Michael’s College in Vermont.
Lisa was a devoted parishioner of St. Pius Church and a volunteer for the Society of St. Vincent DePaul and My Brother’s Table in Lynn, both close to her heart. She was also a supporter of the Knights of Malta and their particular mission in Lourdes, France, as well as their countless works of charity throughout the world. Lisa’s 2014 pilgrimage to Lourdes was a recent highlight in her life.
The City of Lynn and its betterment was her special concern. As a longtime board member of the Economic Development and Industrial Corporation, Lisa was grateful for her chance to serve the city, proud of Lynn’s growing arts community and business sector and pleased to help be a champion of the Lynn-Boston ferry. A lifelong athlete, Lisa was a former member of both the St. Michael’s College Ski Team and Field Hockey Team. Over the years, Lisa developed a treasured community of friends from the health and fitness world. Spending many years in Naples, Fla., as a water skier in Lake Winnipesaukee, and avid skier on the slopes of Loon Mountain, Lisa had many friends in whatever communities she touched. Furthermore, she loved to travel and her easygoing, engaging personality developed friendships wherever she would go.
Lisa was the co-owner of Panakio Adjusters in Lynn. As a public adjuster, she enjoyed being a staunch advocate for families and business owners throughout New England and in Florida, and she was an innovator in property/casualty assessment methodologies.
Above all, Lisa was a devoted wife, mother and grandmother. She enjoyed a rich, vibrant life with husband and business partner, Harvey Rowe, experiencing the joys and laughter for many years, side-by-side. Her children and grandchildren will remember her always for the love, courage, wisdom and counsel she gave them; her fun-loving, joyful nature; her positive energy and her unforgettable smile. She’s our angel now.
Lisa is survived by her husband, Attorney Harvey F. Rowe Jr. of Lynn, and her brother, Jay Panakio of Lincoln, N.H.; her children, Melissa Sherwood and her husband Norm of Marblehead, Mark Rowe and his wife Jenna of Marblehead and daughter, Shannon Gardner of Lynn; her grandchildren, Lily Gardner, Maeve and Tegan Sherwood, Maren, Violet and Wesley Rowe; her niece, Kelsey Panakio of Lynn, and her nephew, John Panakio of Lincoln, N.H., and many cherished friends from near and far.

Service information: Her funeral will be held on Tuesday, July 21, 2015 at 9:30 a.m. from the SOLIMINE Funeral Home, 67 Ocean St. (Route 1A), Lynn, followed by a funeral Mass in St. Pius V Church, Lynn at 10:30 a.m. Burial will be in Pine Grove Cemetery, Lynn. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited. Visiting hours are on Monday from 3-7 p.m. Donations may be made to My Brothers Table, Attn: Donations, 98 Willow St., Lynn, MA 01901 and the Society of Saint Vincent DePaul.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Be With God, Lisa

We lost a special person tonight.
There is a hole in our hearts that just can't be filled.

But as devastating as this moment feels.... all the moments that we had Lisa in our lives up to now made us happier and more fulfilled than we would have otherwise been.

She is with God and her Angels now.  Pain is over for her.  Grief and unfathomable sadness stays with us.

  We love you and will miss you.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Good Fishing

We were out on the Lagavulin Sportsman 23 today with arguably the best telecom zoning lawyer in New England.   Gained lots of insight and had a great time,.... despite the fact that the fish were nowhere to be found.

We were out at Halfway Rock on Tinker's Ledge, Newcombes Ledge and the Breaker Ledges outside of Marblehead and Salem Harbors..... but nothing.   We did see a Whale though.... closest inshore that I have ever witnessed between Halfway Rock and Marblehead Island.

I suppose that if you fail to catch fish on a fishing trip... then the trip is a failure.

Not this trip.

Thursday, July 02, 2015


Getting ready to take a hit... A big one.   Didn't see it coming and it is hitting like a freight train.
Be grateful for your life and embrace your loved ones.
Things can change on a dime.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Toilet Paper Rollers.

If you come over to my house and nature calls, you'll find the bathrooms nice and clean.

That's because Joanne was there.

But if you happen to notice that the toilet paper is on the roller.....

That's because I was there.

Because in the forty odd years that we have been together, my wife Joanne has never installed the toilet paper on the rollers....   never.... ever.

Apparently, that is a man's job.

Toilet Paper Holders

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Not Worth Getting All Hot and Bothered

Those of you who know the MOAM well, know that I am an unenrolled Independent who tries to make up my own mind on issues, and not be swayed by a party or ideological affiliation.

I hate it when the Left or the Right uses blatant misleading propaganda to herd sheep into their particular ideological pen.  And I hate it when people draw conclusions based upon emotion or feelings rather than empirical facts.

Doomsday scaremongers tend to piss me off, as well as people who whimsically proclaim bullcrap like "Obama is one of the four best Presidents ever." when they have no historical insight into the competence of past Presidents.... whatsoever.

Also, if they walk like a Duck, quack like a Duck and you make the bold statement that they are a Duck.... then why do people continue to get all amped up when the particular subject of note acts like a Duck.

So, I'm getting tired to getting pissed off at Obama, the FLOTUS, and the various bureaucratic sycophants that he surrounds himself with.

We knew before we elected him.... TWICE.... that he was a Leftest Radical with a family background in Communist Marxist ideology.   Then, over and over, Conservative pundits like Col. Allen West and the Fox News talking heads obsess about the radical stuff that he says and does.   He's a freaking RADICAL!!!  How else do you expect him to act and speak???? Socialized Medicine, open borders, a weakened military, the dismantled space program, a growing bureaucracy with the increase in debt.... we elected him twice and then all I hear is BITCH, BITCH, BITCH.

  His Mom and Dad were Commies, his childhood mentors were Commies,  He started his political career in the company of people like Bill Ayers and the Rev. Wright.   Al Sharpton has a spare key to the Oval Office for crying out loud.  I mean... my father and mother were Democrats... and that's where my political leanings first took root.   Is it any wonder that this guy thinks the way he does?

In fact.... having been in the company of political radicals in various stages of my career.... I think the amazing thing is that he comes anywhere close to the center in any political decision.

It's not like he hasn't broadcast his Marxist, Anti-Imperialist leanings in books and actions to us.  Then we get all  pissed off because he acts exactly like what he is.

So I'm  going to try to remain un-involved in all of the outrageous revelations that Fox and the Conservative Blogs on Facebook keep flowing my way.

I already know that he is a Radical so it's not news and not worth getting hot and bothered over.

Hard to be Humble

There have been quite a few hits to this blog lately.

I know because allows me to see what posts people are hitting and what ISP they arrive from.

Often, I follow their trail and see what they are so interested in.... stuff that I may have posted in 2007, 2011 or so.

Then I become enthralled with the quality, insight and articulateness presented herein as well.

Sometimes if you are a Mountain of a Man, it is hard to be humble.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Blessed Life

It's four PM, and this Father's Day is in the books.

I have to say, one of the most satisfying that this Mountain of a Man has experienced in the last thirty eight years or so.

With two sons, a daughter, and three grandsons in play, I feel that I have met the eligibility criteria quite handily.  And it is a big plus that we have them all married off (or almost) to some great additions to the family.

Katelyn and Brady gave me a great mounted photograph of Grandson Connor Boyle, and Mike and Pam came through with a bottle of  Lagavulin 16 year Single Malt Scotch, which you may be reminded is the King of Scotch in this humble MOAM's opinion.
Then Ryan and Kim along with Grandsons Will and Ethan presented me with another bottle of the King,
It was a double whammy of Single Malt Speyside goodness, and the kind sentiments will be remembered well after the last drops have been drained and savored and I see the likeness of Connor smiling down from the fireplace mantel.  Feeling truly Blessed.
I hope all of my paternal brethren had as fine a day  as well,

Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Good Plan

My iPhone won't take a charge this morning.... looks like the end of the line for the old model Apple.

So nobody can reach me today, until I take the time to get this fixed.... and spare time is not readily available.

Before I head to the phone store, I will install all of the cleats in the shed, do a big dump run, and plan some storage strategy.

Then Shower for Grandson Will's birthday celebration  at the Marblehead Street Hockey court on Green Street.  Afterwards, the day should settle down on the BYC porch where I will consume two Jordan's Hot Dogs, and a number of Dark and Stormies, accompanied by my kids, their significant others, and my three grandkids.

A good MOAM plan.

Have a nice Day.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Knee Jerk Response

Naturally the President turned a tragic senseless mass killing in South Carolina into a platform for his gun control agenda.   Plus he pulled some claim out of his ass that this type of senseless act with firearms is an American Phenomenon.

You knew that was coming,  It is Obama's nature.  The Conservative blogs debunked the American Phenomenon claim easy enough with instances of such heinous acts happening all over the world.

And the 2nd Amendment knee jerkers came out with their normal response for the right to bear arms.

I believe in the right to bear arms and I possess permits to carry throughout Northern New England. The process to gain this permit and the rules that apply to it in Massachusetts are thorough and restrictive.

In my case, the Marblehead police uncovered stuff in my public record that I was amazed had been recorded, and I was questioned extensively about the items that were exposed from decades ago.  It took at least two months to get the permit, and then when I went and purchased a firearm, the licensed dealer also performed a background check before making the sale.

I think that  these rules are fair, and still allow me to exercise my 2nd Amendment Constitutional rights to bear arms for the protection of my home and family.   The Massachusetts process could easily be replicated on the Federal level.

Is this process in place in South Carolina, where that little racist Bastard decided to kill innocent worshipers in Church just because of the color of their skin?    I don't know.

The evidence suggests that his father gave the senseless serial killer a gun.  

If I were King, justice would be swift.   String up the Shooter, String up the Father, and initiate laws with strong background checks and waiting periods for prospective gun owners.

The FACTS (NOT Liberal Feelings of What Should Be) show that criminal acts are highest in areas where gun ownership is banned.... like Obama's Sweet Home Chicago.

Allow responsible citizens to exercise their 2ND Amendment right to bear arms, and severely punish those who endeavor to thwart the vetting process.

Plus, attend to the victims of mental illness, who overwhelmingly perpetrate these crimes.

The little Russian Scumbags who killed and maimed hundreds at the Boston Marathon Bombing didn't use firearms... they used pressure cookers.    The Perps will find a way.

Our leaders should look at this issue based upon facts, and not knee jerk, removal of our Constitutional Rights.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

French Cleat system

  This ingenious french hook system is going to get a workout this weekend.  Bought strapping and hooks from Home Depot yesterday, and the shed will shortly be completely organized with various customized tool holders and shelving which will be locked onto angled wood strips which I am cutting from inexpensive strapping
The aim is to get everything possible off of the floor and the counter tops and onto the wall.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Water Biking

This bad boy cycle unit may well be incorporated into the Marblehead Gunning Dory under development in the Nanepashemet Peabody Shop.

Monday, June 15, 2015

The Trans-Species Life

I don't exactly know how to disclose this.... it's a bit perplexing and rather embarrassing...

But I'm convinced that my Cat, Henry, is not feeling fulfilled within his feline pelt.
He tries to bark, gnaws on bones, and always waits at the back door with a leash in his month looking for a walk in the park with me.
Henry wants to be a Dog, and claims that he never felt Feline even as a young kitten.  I can see it in his eyes that he is yearning to assume his true identity.

What the Hell am I supposed to do????  Let him wallow though life totally juxtapositioned as a Dog in a Cat's body????

No Freaking way....

I've already started a number of Google searches looking for a Veterinarian who will start the arduous trans-species process of converting Henry to a Scottish Terrier.

There are rumors that they do this type of procedure in Denmark, and I will book a flight to Copenhagen in a nano-second if we can find a enlightened Vet who can help Henry realize his dream of liberation as a Canine.

Only then can he be truly free.

Thinking of renaming him Haigis.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Posting Dropoff

Sorry for the unprecedented drop off in posts.

Lots of stuff has been going on.... some good,,,,, some really sucky.

The death of John Aucone, and debilitating sickness among family and friends has covered the sucky parts.  By contrast, everything else is good.

This has been a period where I am reminded of mortality.  Despite our best efforts, decay and death are the inevitable destiny that we face.  Granted, your beliefs give you solace that there is a hereafter and a time of renewal and rebirth.   Religions have persecuted and massacred each other in order to prove that their particular version of cosmology is the truth.... which pretty much gives you a clue to avoid organized religion as a life path if you can manage it.

I believe in energy, and that our life spirit and consciousness is energy.   Physics teaches us that energy can never be created nor destroyed.  Is there a God undercurrent who is a source of harmony, goodness, and reason for this journey?   I do believe so, but that part is a bit harder to define.

So there you have it.  All of our worries and foibles during this life of trials and the siege of decay will eventually dwindle as we morph into the next phase of existence in another dimension.

But the physical and emotional pain of transition calls for a response.   Prayer.  Asking God for an easier, less derisive passage.

I have some prayers I have to say... for some people who deserve an easier voyage.