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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Day One - Big Guy Journey

Yesterday, in a pique of frustration, I dropped my guard and let you Peeps in on my resolution to weigh less than 200lbs come August first of 2015.  Then to make things worse, I dedicated myself to keep you informed of the MOAM's progress.

Probably not the best move on my part.... but a commitment is something that is kept seriously in this pathetic version of reality where the MOAM dwells.... most of the time.

So this morning, waking up in North Conway, Joanne surprised me with a breakfast of pancakes and bacon after which I got caught up in putting out fires at Nanepashemet Telecom, grabbing a bowl of clam chowder as the fire raged in cyberspace until 2:00 in the afternoon.

Then we motored back to Marblehead to check in on Kate's move.

Some leftover chicken for dinner and the freaking day was over without any exercise of any sort other than keeping the Mach V on the road to Massachusetts.

My friend Christos Laganos has recommended two books for me to read as I begin this challenge, which I ordered from Amazon right away.

Chris is my age.... we were in the First Grade at the Highland School in Lynn together about a half century ago.....  and he "through hiked" the Appalachian Trail two summers ago.  If he says these books should be read, then I am freaking going to read them because he obviously knows his shit.

Granted, I made absolutely no weight loss progress today.... but tomorrow will be another story.

Also tomorrow is the selection day for the Nanepashemet Peep of the Year, so it will be no ordinary day.

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