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Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Public Trough

There are those among you who know that this MOAM is a proud alum of the University of Massachusetts - Amherst where I earned a Baccalaureate Degree in Political Science with Honors no less, and learned a lot about a whole bunch of other stuff during my four formative years there.

So you would think that when I watch the nicely done promotional ads that air on the Boston media detailing the positive environment at UMASS...... that I would have a sense of satisfaction and pride.... and you would be wrong.

UMASS is a great place, a great school, a fantastic asset for the state.   But so is Brandeis, Harvard, NorthEastern, Boston University, Boston College, Holy Cross, Assumption, Merrimack, Hampshire, Amherst, Williams, Smith, Holyoke.... etc.   Where are the ads for these fine institutions????

No Ads.  At least none of the scale and magnitude of the UMASS daily campaign.

And why would that be?

Simply put... it's because you and I pay for the UMASS ads.  They are funded by the bottomless trough of tax funds.  And the other schools don't have these unlimited budgets.   Are these ads necessary?  Apparently not for privately funded schools.

So every time I see a UMASS ad.... I get pissed off... even though I love UMASS.

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