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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Not Negating the Nod

The secret Project has been progressing nicely.... ahead of schedule actually.  And I've been losing weight lugging 80lb. bags of concrete mix in the process.... so it's all good.
But what is really bothering me in the meantime is the way Seth Moulton, who has garnered the Nanepashemet Nod in his bid for the 6th Massachusetts US Congressional seat, has been cozying up to Democrat Hacks in the District.   I had hoped for a more individualistic stance, but I see him being swept up by hard liners.
The latest was his Facebook poses with Elizabeth Warren, our Massachusetts US Senator who runs fast and loose with the truth and has no problem lying about her claim to be a Cherokee Indian...  Sorry but I just can't let this one go... it speaks to the core for her character.... to lie about being a minority.   Anything else that she says just lacks credibility knowing that she has no problem letting a whopper like this stay with her.
Seth..... she also endorsed a liar, Congressman Tierney, before turning to you and your successful campaign with sloppy seconds.

I'm not Negating the Nod at this time, but I have to see some better judgement from you, Seth

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