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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I Had a Dream Last Night

Last night, primarily due to my sleep apnea harness, I went into deep REM and experienced a very vivid dream.
I dreamed that a young kid, who grew up in Indonesia from Communist parents, and was indoctrinated by extremely radical Chicago politicians and ideologues, went on to become the President of the United States.
He ran a community action center, spent one term in the State Senate, one term in the US Senate, and then was swept into the Presidency.
He started out by inspiring everyone with his incredible charisma and public speaking ability.  But then, the ability to govern... to administer, compromise, and lead... failed him.  His administration, which was promised as being a transparent process for all to see, became mired in narcissism and secrecy.  The largess of he and his family as they traveled the US and the World, showed an extravagance and sense of entitlement at the expense of others that was disheartening.
He won a Nobel Peace Prize before he ever made one executive decision, but then waffled in meeting challenges in the time frames in which they arose.
Some supported him because he was Black, and others derided him for the same reason.   Racism raised its ugly head in both instances.

He couldn't work with Congress, and didn't seem to listen to the advice of those around him, particularly his military staff.  He looked for excuses and blame, and his sycophant supporters allowed a foggy perception of reality.
The United States with its political, social, and business institutions weathered his ineptitude and incompetency, but lost the chance to lead the world to a stronger economy and more stable social and political order.

It was one of those  weird, totally illogical dreams.    I woke up before the dream was over.... don't know how it ended.

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