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Thursday, August 28, 2014


The little girl who killed her instructor with an Ooze Automatic weapon when it recoiled..... we lost a perfectly good village idiot in that tragedy.

Martha Coakley is taking  a page out of Elizabeth Warren's book.... campaigning against the Big Banks and the Old Boy Network.... it is phony, yet fodder for the Democratic herd which will elect this vindictive and hurtful politician.

Brad and Angelina got married.... freaking whoop di do.

If Massachusetts doesn't elect the ticket of Baker and Polito, it will get what it deserves and will lose a huge opportunity for professional management to solve its massive issues.

Why are we paying millions on the Boston Marathon Bomber's defense?

I can't wait for the medical community to admit that deep fried food is good for you.

Facebook is an incredible invention that has rekindled relationships and reunions that were never before possible and I am grateful.

Summer comes and goes quicker every year, and global warming is a crock.

Angry Orchard Hard Cider and Captain Morgans Spiced Rum is a delicious cocktail but will get you looped after two.

Enough for now.

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