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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Path to Wings and Burgers


I've been busy lately working to get my gas grill repaired.  It's a Charmglow model that I bought from Home Depot about six or seven years ago and has served us well despite some real neglect.  The burners and the drip shields are all corroded and rusty, but the stainless steel chassis of the grill is in great shape and the grill grates are of large gauge stainless steel so I thought I could replace the worn parts and avoid a $300 new grill expense.
Bought new ceramic drip plates for $10 and new burners for $7 on Amazon, which also sold the two components as Charmglow replacements for $135.   So I went with the $17 option which was delivered in two days.  I can't imagine how the $135 deal could be worth it, because the parts that I received were solidly made.
Ryan came over this Sat. morning, looking for something, and I pretended that I didn't know what while I fiddled with taking apart the grill.   It seems like a simple devise, but the corroded burners were welded in place by the heat over the years, and what seemed to be a question of simply hacking them off of the chaissis turned into a lot of concentrated thought and effort, but Ryan eventually wrenched them out and we figured how to install the replacements.
Now... only to hook up some propane and try it out, right? .... Wrong.
The propane would not proceed from the tank to the burners and it seemed that the gas regulator and feed had to be replaced.  Naturally the threads were completely rusted so I WD-40'ed the hell out of the nut and waited a while.   Turned the grill on its backed so that I could get better leverage and worked off the regulator nut, releasing the gas regulator from the grill.
It was  a Nexgrill model 7806 regulator.... nothing on Amazon, so I went to the Web and found the part for sale at    $40 bucks for the part and $10 for shipping.
It should be here by Tues. if the web site is the real deal.
So now I'm in this grill repair job for $67 which will be a great deal it the grill works with the new regulator.  Will just have to shine up the stainless steel and the wings and burgers can resume.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Birdfeeder Resurgence

I finally got around to setting up the bird feeder and filling it with seed out on the new deck.   The  birds in this neighborhood haven't witnessed my generosity since we moved to the Sundance House from 32 Beverly Ave.
In no time, a couple of Chickadees were snacking at the station.
Also, one Titmouse.

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Naturally, because of the last post, some of you Peeps saw the need to call me an anti-Gay homophobe.
No.... No.... that's not it.
All I've been trying to say is that, if Gays want to go mainstream, then they should get in the freaking boat.    Because us mainstream types have respect for others, and keep things that should be left private as our own private affairs.
No parades are necessary.
I'm not anti-gay.  I am definitely anti-anyone who wants to advertise their sexual preference for the express purpose of causing a distressful emotion in others.   If you want mainstream respect, then respect others in the mainstream.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Erin Go Bragh? or Bra Less?

Should Gays be allowed to march in the South Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade?

Absolutely.  It would be illegal to use the public streets and restrict anyone because of race, creed, religion, national origin, sex, or sexual preference in Massachusetts

Should they be allowed to wave flags and flaunt their sexual preference?   That  is up to community standards.  Personally, poke it wherever you want.  That's your business, not mine.  And if you want to advertise your preference, that's not an inherent right, and basically is in bad taste in my opinion.

So I support the ban on Homosexuals marching to advertise that they are homosexual.  If they want to march in a marching band, or with any other group.... fine.  But just to flaunt their preference for members of their own sex is not a valid reason and is offensive to community standards in my opinion.

I would be in favor on banning a group of nymphomaniacs from marching for the same reason.
Keep your sexuality in your own pants in public.