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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

You Didn't Ask Me, But....

Time for another episode of....

"You didn't ask me, but...."

~  Julia Roberts seems to have lost her Bloom.... Definitely not the Pretty Woman.
~ Woody Allen may not be guilty of molestation, but he is a weird dude with a lot of personal baggage.
~ Despite the propaganda, Michelle Obama is really unattractive.
~ Lots of people seem to be bitching about the winter this year.... more than usual.
~ There are many stupid sports in the Winter Olympics... topped by the Luge.
~ is the best site on the Web.
~ Sarah Palin is the Hottest 50 year old on the Planet, and the Liberal Media knows it.
~ Popcorn is the Anti-Christ of Dental Hygiene, but it tastes awesome with extra butter.

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