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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Year's Resolutions - 2014

Plan and Confront Each Day.
We have the ability to guide our own experiences of this life's journey, rather than randomly bump into the future.  Planning helps you to enhance your observation of your life events.
Respect the time it takes to complete tasks and realize that everything will eventually get done, but not necessarily today.   Spread your tasks into realistic time slots in your daily calendar, and don't be afraid to push items ahead to future time slots.  Sometimes, accomplishing a task is realizing that it can not be completed immediately.   This technique reduces stress.

Process the Present.
Deal with the events and challenges that are sent your way daily.  To procrastinate is to give our challenges power that they don't deserve.
 Open your mail as soon as you receive it, scan it, and discard as much paper as possible in real time. Never let an envelope rest unopened.   If you can't pay a bill immediately using Internet Banking, set a time in the future when you will pay it.  Return emails and calls as soon as possible.  Business is a tennis match.  Make sure that the ball doesn't sit in your court.
Exercise every day.... no excuse.  Keeping healthy is more important than sitting on the couch watching TV, or conducting business.    Exercise and Health is essential to good business and needs to be recognized as a first priority  in the present.

Try Not to Judge Your Life's Experiences
This is God's Plan, not Your's.  Planning helps you to recognize and appreciate the direction of the Journey that has been chosen for you.  Good and Bad are changing, transitory labels.
Keep the Drama to a minimum.  Life is mean't to be joyful.  It it doesn't seem that way, be patient... it will.  Eventually there is always a reason for the bad that leads to the good,... although it may take a few lifetimes to see it through.

BTW, these resolutions are hard to keep, but I believe that attention to them will aid the quality of life..

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