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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Government Shut Down

This one is in the "I must be missing something, because this is too stupid to believe", category.
The Federal Government is being "Shut Down" because Congress will not raise the Debt Limit.
Let me get this straight....
The Government is Trillions in Debt.... an incomprehensible amount.... and in order to operate the government, it has to borrow more????
Peeps...... if you or I lived so far beyond our means that we had to continue to borrow daily to support our lifestyle, we would be bankrupt and forced to realigned our resources.
If the Feds have to borrow to operate the national parks, then close them.  If they have to borrow to pay "non-essential" federal employees, then lay them off.  That's what we suckers in the private sector have to do..... what makes it different for the government???
The Network News coverage is replete with stories about how the economy will suffer do to the shut down of services..... but what about the effects of massive amount of Federal Debt?

ObamaCare is just the tip of the iceberg.  This is the current ball that is being batted back and forth by politicians of both the right and the left who want to keep the gravy train going a while longer and blame the fallout on the other guy.
The issue is not ObamaCare... it is simple living beyond our means.   Spending more that we bring in.
And this time, the Libs  are right... those who will suffer are the children.... OURS.  Our kids and grandkids will be left to clean up the mess of a bankrupt nation that has irresponsibly mortgaged the future for current political largess.

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