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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Blocked and De-Friended

I'm tired of acting politically correct and playing nice with crude Liberals who insist on taking the low road with personal insults every time they disagree with an independent or conservative position.  My observation is that I am rarely, if ever, insulted by a Conservative, but Liberals habitually leave with bad manners.

For now on, if any one of my Facebook Friends choose to insult the Mountain of a Man rather than engage in normal dissenting discourse, you will be dealt in the harshest possible manner.

That's right... not only will I de-friend you, but I will block your ass from reading any of my posts.

I know it sounds harsh, but I can't afford to spend any time on this Earth arguing with disengenuous mal-contents who can't debate on the merits and act in a dispicable Pelosi-like manner in calling people names.

I'm done with Liberals who call people who disagree with them "anarchists" and "terrorists".  It is a form of totalitarianism and intolerance  that our forefathers paid the ultimate sacrifice to guarantee that we should be free from such predudice and close mindedness.

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