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Monday, September 09, 2013

Syrian Siren

Secretary of State John Kerry says the evidence is clear and irrefutable that the Syrian regime has used chemical weapons on its own people.
So... let's see it.   Let's hear the details.  Just because Kerry says it.... doesn't make it true.   He's been known to bend the truth before if you look at his record, and before one more American kid is asked to go in harm's way over a civil war in Syria... show us the facts.  Because Kerry saying that he knows just doesn't cut it.

Putin of Russia says that Kerry is wrong.... that Assad has not used the weapons.
This alone should tell us to stand down.
Britain is not on board either.
The Policing of human atrocities should be the purview of the United Nations.  It shouldn't be an excuse for a failing American administration to divert attention from its own shortcomings.   And that is exactly what this smells like.
Obama says that he didn't state that Syria crossed the red line.... that the world said it.  So let the world take some action here.   Maybe the United Arab League should take the lead.

The Dems will say that Bush did the same thing in Iraq, but that is not even close.  Britain and a large consortium of nations were active in that decision.  Not here.

Obama and Kerry are sounding a siren here, and something stinks.  They couldn't get the facts straight about Benghazi, but here the facts are supposed to be crystal clear.

 So show us the evidence that you claim to have seen.

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