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Monday, September 23, 2013

Sail On, Sail On Sailor

Last night, I got the hang of the new Singer Sewing machine and combined all of the panels of the sprit sail for the Herreshoff Columbia Tender.  All that's left is to sew on clew patches and luff support strips, then install the grommets.
Sewing is definitely a skill.   I had to focus my substantial Mountain of a Man concentration ability to figure out the basics.  There is a need for patience and attention to details to get the proper tension so that the stitches come out right. 
Joanne was a little aggravated that I turned the kitchen and living room into a sail loft on a Sunday night, and the rattling of the stiff sail Dacron material as well as the din of the sewing machine was a bit obnoxious as the evening progressed, but the stress was a necessary part of dealing with the learning curve.
Sewing the large panels together was awkward, and the zig zag stitches tend to zig and zag a little too much, but there is an excellent chance that the Tender will be catching some late autumn breezes under sail this season.

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