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Thursday, September 26, 2013

On Top of the Learning Curve

Business is good.
We have a ton of work, and the resources in place to implement it.
So why am I complaining?  Actually I'm not.   But it took a long sustained effort to get this train on the tracks and running smoothly from station to station. Building a business and reaching a point where service delivery is predictable, dependable and sustainable doesn't happen overnight.  There are a lot of mistakes, miscues, and screw ups that are part of the learning curve.
But when you get to a point where you are professionally delivering for your customers every day... and they appreciate and value your work.... that is a major accomplishment.

 However,  I would really like to step off this smooth running train for a while and do something mindless and relaxing... like fish for fall Blues and Stripers and pull Lobster traps.
But no rest for the weary.... I imagine that there are a lot of fish and crustaceans who are happy that the MOAM hasn't had the time to harvest them for the last two years. 
I'll catch up with them next year though..... big time.

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