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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 6 of the Streak

I feel like I've created a Monster. MOAM Style.
Last Monday, maybe to take the pressure off of the Nanepashemet Telecom pace, and maybe because I was impressed by the biking of my old friend, Jim Lundgren, I went for a 2 mile jog, that was definitely more waddle than jog.   Naturally I noted the event in Facebook.
And I repeated this for the next four days, creating a streak.
The remarkable thing here is that I haven't hurt myself.   Normally over the years, I've been injured in these comeback attempts because I would tend to push or extend the mileage, then I would throw out my back or something.  
But the great thing here is that I feel just like I did when I first started a cross country season in school... real sore and with blisters on my heals.   This is attributed to taking things nice and slow.... accepting the fact that I look like an out of shape blob waddling down the road and not trying to relive past glories.
Posting the streak of workouts in Facebook has created a whole new dynamic.  It's a great incentive to continue and hopefully create a habit of getting out and sweating off 500 calories or so every day.  Putting yourself out there is a risk of greater embarrassment by breaking the Streak in front of my FB Friends.
Today is Day 6 of the streak.... a little Saturday yardwork, then a run before getting ready for Kelsey O'Shea's graduation cookout.  If I can keep this up

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