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Monday, July 15, 2013

Shuffling the Race Cards

OK Peeps......
It's time for your MOAM to sound in on this Zimmerman-Martin case.
I've been holding back.... actually not wanting to enter this land of highly charged politically correctness.
Peeps... right from the start... if you ever find me under you, getting my head slammed into a concrete curb after breaking my nose and  while you say shit like, "this is the day you die".... then I'm going to pull out my Smith and Wesson 380 and bid you a fond adieu.
I don't care how old you are.
I don't care about what your wearing.
I don't care about your race or country of origin.
That said.... a jury heard all of the other facts, and found the Hispanic guy innocent.
Not sure where race fits into this.   And Obama naturally was a Boob to say that Treyvon Martin could have been his son.   So Prez.... your kid was found in school with burglary tools and stolen items.... and was expelled twice in six months????  In fact, he was 200 miles away from his home at the time of the incident which occurred during his suspension from high school.   Looks like you have some serious parenting to attend to if you think that Martin was one of yours..
This kid obviously had some issues and Zimmerman was stupid to ever get out of his car when he reported this to E-911.  But being stupid isn't a crime.  (Thank the Good Lord).  I don't know how Martin ended up on top of Zimmerman... pummeling him.  I assume the jury and the people in that court of law do and deliberated long on how this occurred.
To all of those who think this is a racial thing.... I was around when OJ got off after slitting the throats of two white people.   And I was in the room when the Blacks in attendance cheered his acquittal.  Was that racial?    You bet your ass it was.
This time, two minorities met in a tragic confrontation.   The Hispanic guy got beat up good but lived.   The police didn't charge him initially until the PC patrol whipped this up into an issue thinking it was white on black.   Oh... the guy is Hispanic... what the hell, let's string him up anyway.
The jury found him innocent after reviewing all of the facts.
It's too bad all around.  A troubled black kid and a commando Hispanic guy in a sad and tragic confrontation.   Shame on all of the jerks that have used this as an excuse to play an irresponsible race card.

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