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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Marvelous for Moonbats

A tip of the Cap to the Massachusetts Moonbats who now have the team of Liz Warren and Ed Markey as our US Senators.  This is a perfect time to work on that pesky gag reflex that I tend to get when the Lefties tell us how to run our lives.   No sense getting sick over the crazy shit that they will be trying to stuff down our throats.
The Prez has a couple of card carrying sycophants to help him solve Climate Change, open the gates to illegal immigrant voters, and screw up our health care.  We really have to invest in some tether lines down in DC to make sure that these lightweights don't blow away.
And speaking of our POTUS...., how is that Sequester going anyway????  So far, it has had the disastrous effects of closing the White House and grounding the Blue Angels.  Thought the government was going to shut down with millions unemployed?  Whatever....
Thank God it didn't effect the global travel of the Obama Royal Family.  That would have been the real disaster.

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