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Monday, June 24, 2013

Going Gomez

Tomorrow, Massachusetts chooses a new Senator.   I've given the nod to Gabriel Gomez, and not just because he's a Republican.  And not because he is an Hispanic.... I wouldn't dream of calling people racist who vote against him.... do you hear that Jimmy Carter????   Do you hear that Hardball Hypocrite Chris Matthew????   Two fine idiots who played the race card early and freely regarding anyone who had issue with our Indonesian Muslim President with the White Mother and the Irish ancestors.
I reckon that Massachusetts will vote for Markey because of his tendency to vote with the  Democratic, non-thinking, give away other people's money sheep herd.
Do yourself a favor.  Vote for a thinker and a doer.  The guy is a Navy Seal who went to Harvard for Crissakes.  Massachusetts deserves something better than the Warrens, the Markeys, the Posers and the Hacks.
Give yourself a present.... vote for Gomez.

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