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Monday, June 17, 2013

Features of Fieldstone

This weekend, I got out into the yard and moved all of the stone that the developer across the street left in the side of my driveway a couple years ago.   Every stone was placed in the planter walls at the Stramski Way side of the property.
Peeps.... I am one sore, advanced -middle-edged, pudgy, white, Irish- American Buckaroo.  I mean, sore... as in my arms, thighs, back, knees, stomach, buttocks, etc. are all screaming for mercy.
Rolling, lifting, shifting and placing fieldstone is something that this Mountain of a Man will not be looking to specialize in.   You won't see stonemason on this MOAM resume.
Sure, the wall came out handsome as hell, but that is beside the point.
My hats are off to the colonial farmers who placed all of those fieldstone walls throughout New England.  They must have been tough sons-a-bitches.

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