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Monday, June 24, 2013

A Little Lack Lustre

Yesterday, while tieing up with the Flying Elvis on SandDollar Beach, Superpeep Brendt D'Orio pointed out that the Blog has been lacking lately.
My quick retort was that I have been out straight trying to make money at Nanepashemet Telecom.... but that can't be the only reason.
Usually I turn to posting on this pathethic Blog because of some issue that is disturbing me...... politics and the Obama issues are the great motivators.
But since the phoney Indian, the lying whacky professor, Elizabeth Warren, was elected over Scott Brown as the Massachusetts US Senator, and since BO and Hillary Clinton can get away will lying and obvious obfustication with Benghazi, I've become jaded, and can't risk committing emotionally.
So those are other reasons.
Do you think that the Mountain of a Man is starting to lose it????   Getting a little soft????  Gone off the edge????
But I still have my faith in life.... and life is all about renewal.
Something will start to aggravate the crap out of me soon.... and this Blog will be restored in it's former lustre.

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