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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lying D- Bag

So it's apparent that the US State Department and the White House knew that we endured a full fledged and calculated terrorist attack in Libya, and then they coolly and boldly lied to the American people saying that it was a spontaneous reaction to a video that insulted the Muslim Libyans into riot and murder.
And they stood by while four Americans were killed in the attack.
Friends, we have caught Hillary Clinton in lies before.... like when she said her husband Bill was the victim of a "vast right wing conspiracy" when he was lying about getting a blow job by an administrative intern.... and when she concocted a story about her being "under fire" in Serbian airspace.  Not to mention, the aides who committed suicide during her reign as out First "Lady".
She got passes on these... from me at least.   Everybody is prone to an embellishment of sorts or an exaggeration at times.
But in the Benghazi attacks, four people died as Clinton became arrogant and dismissive with any explanation of the facts, and vowed to get the people who developed that "video".
Peeps... Hillary Clinton is a lying douche bag.   There... I said it.    And I'm not taking it back.
That said... I realize that that I'm so out of touch with things that she will probably waltz into the White House as the next disingenuous POTUS, courtesy of the herd of sheep that disguise themselve in the Democratiic Party as the American electorate.
Sorry to be so serious today, but politics is fine, until you are glib and not forthcoming with the loss of American lives.

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