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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Las Vegas Reaction

Memorial Day weekend is here but it is 50 degrees and clammy now in Boston.  That's ok because I am really bushed from my Las Vegas convention trip.  Flying is exhausting, and so is excessive boozing with concomitant carousing.... especially if you are out of shape for it.
Which I am.  I could hardly walk after trekking from hotel to hotel on the Vegas Strip... seeking out relevant cocktail parties sponsored by wireless equipment suppliers.  Sometimes it's hard maintaining my status as an industry leader, but I certainly played with pain. 
Before I left for the airport on Thursday, I did my part in supporting the Nevada economy by dropping $100 quick in the Black Jack tables.  A two hour layover in Philadelphia and the loss of my luggage in Boston led to a 4:30AM arrival back in Marblehead.
Then I had a full day of work on Friday because of end of the month billing and a proposal deadline that had to be met.
But, in typical MOAM style, all tasks were met, errands were run, and lawns were mowed.   So now I'm ready to kick back on the couch with Henry the Cat and watch  girly movies as Joanne hogs the remote.
I'm too tired to battle for my cable TV rights anyway.

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