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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Facebook Lull

Maybe it's just my perception, but it seems like Facebook has lost it's edge.   The people who post are generally new to FB, and nobody gets too revved up over political exchanges or other stuff.
Basically, I lost it when I couldn't goad people into defending our Indian Senator Warren's claim for her conveniently manufactured Native American heritage,  and the Obamanistas overtures into IRS thuggery, Benghazi lies, and AP email snooping have got the Libs on the run, and they are not really forthcoming to engage.
I don't blame them.
So the result is that Facebook has been taking a step back.
Even though the Lefty Slogan,  "It takes a village" (i.e.   you should depend on the government and not yourself) is particularly loathsome to me, it does seem that Facebook and social media has brought people together in the fashion that village life used to be... with a lot more interaction.
But village life was often fraught with shunning, cliques, and small town gossip... and could get old quick.
Facebook was fun while it lasted... now there is a definite lull in the action.

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  1. I agree with you. I enjoy a good debate. On almost any subject but most people don't want to think about what moves them let alone dis cuss it. I jumped the Facebook ship. I was @ Tblog for a while. It was extremely limited. I am here now, ready for a good discussion.
    Your "Indian" comment caught my eye. One town to the west of my home town is called "Shabbona" Named after the chief it's said. Not much of a town. They put in a lake about 40 years ago, no it's a cesspool of activity for Chicagoans looking for a day in "nature".
    Some lawyer for some "descendant" of the chief is wanting to build a casino. Oh joy. I'm glad I moved to Missouri.


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