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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Designing Greenhouse Construction Jigs

It was a particularly busy work week` for Nanepashemet  Telecom with two trips to New Haven.  But during a brief lull in action, I found the time to drop down to see the Marblehead Building Commissioner and run the Greenhouse concept by him to see if he had any permitting issues.
He wants me to add some concrete sonotubes and pin down the PT wall plates, which I agree with, but then sees no problem with issuing a permit.
So now the issue is only time and money, both of which may be in short supply for this project.   Until I have a little bit of each, I'll be firming up the pricing and work procedures and designing jigs like below to make this thing come to life with circumstances permit.

This jig will Square up the 2x4 pressure treated 4' x 8' standard polycarbonate greenhouse panels and make assembly quick and accurate.  The project requires about 110 good and straight 2x4x8 foot pressure treated studs.

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