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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sourcing Pig Urine

Those of you Peeps who know me best are fully aware that this Mountain of a Man is no GirlyMan.   "Rough, Tough, Hard to Bluff, and Damn Good Looking" is not just a slogan worn lightly by this Blogger Extraordinaire.
But I have to admit to you that I have gotten choked up each and every day since the senseless Boston Marathon bombing as the stories of the innocent victims keep pouring forth.
To think that anyone can draw any rationality out of this insane act, and why someone would do it, remains incomprehensible.
I'd be disingenuous if I didn't admit to a sense of revulsion and hate against the two Muslim misfits, who sucked off of the public trough here in Massachusetts.... receiving welfare and getting a public education.  And their parents in denial are grotesquely repulsive.
What was the intended outcome of this action by these two Dipshits?  I wonder if they could figure out how it has created a sense of strength and resolve in the people of Boston and throughout America that is insurmountable to the type of cowardly plot that they concocted.    
Probably not exactly what they expected.
I would like to find out where they will be buried so I can visit their graves with a gallon of pig urine to saturate their final resting places.

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