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Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Pall and Aftermath

It's hard to comment on anything within the pall of this Boston Marathon Terrorist attack.
Any mention of another topic seems disrespectful to the issue at hand.
The New York outpouring of support for Boston has been incredibly classy, characterized by the singing of "Sweet Caroline" at the Yankees game.  We may be rivals, but we are sibling rivals, and stick together when attacked by the outside.
And the expressions of support from all over the world is particularly heartfelt.
The singing of the National Anthem at the Bruins game last night brought tears to my eyes.  How can anyone think that they can damage us when we come together with such strength in times of adversity like this?
We are all on pins and needles as they close in on the lowlife losers who perpetrated this crime.   Two people have been identified, which would eliminate the option that a mentally deranged schizophenic may be responsible. 
If this turns out to be an act committed by some organization or cult, they just shortened their lifespan considerably.

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