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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Trending Downward

The other day I run into a young woman to whom I'm distantly aquainted and she says, "Oh, you write that Blog?  I read it but it is all about you."   Naturally, the MOAM kept his cool.

"No Shit Bitch, it is all about me, because that's my favorite subject,"  is what I wanted to say to this young, prissy-ass turd.  But I just kept silent and flipped her the Bird as soon as she turned away.
Anyway.... enough of this.... Let's turn to my favorite subject.  ME.
If I had told you last Saturday morning, before my 3 day juice cleansing fast, that I would be sitting here a week later on this very Saturday morning telling you that I had lost 15 lbs., I would have had my tongue firmly implanted in cheek with fingers crossed.   Not Believable.
But Peeps, my official Mountain of a Man report this morning is that I have lost FIFTEEN FREAKING POUNDS!!!!!  IN ONE WEEK!!!!
How?   Three distinct reasons.

1.  The Juice Fast.   I kept to it for three days with no coffee or solid food.  And I credit my kids, Mike and Kate, who called me throughout to see how I was doing as further motivators.

2.  Exercise.   The Blizzard had me moving snow both here in Marblehead and at the Peabody warehouse for about six hours over the week.   And otherwise, I spent about two hours on the Elliptical Pain Machine at the Y, for a total of eight hours of workout during the week.

3.  Calorie Counting.   I followed the free LoseIT ap on my iPhone and established a daily calorie budget of 1900 calories a day, then kept my net calories of food less exercise at about 1600 calories a day.   The Juice Fast established an ability to curb my appetite and steer away from carbs.  My old Lynn English High School classmates and current facebook friends, Denise Kearns and Wayne Webster, were helpful motivators to me.   Both have succeeded with significant weight lose over the past year by diet changes - Wayne by carb counting and Denise by calorie counting.
The result was 15 lbs lost.  (Actually 14.9, but I rounded up... you gotta give this one to me.)
So it was a good week.
I also bought a low end Hamilton Beach Juicer machine, two pineapples, and ten pounds of carrots at Costco.
Going forward, I would like to juice fast one day week with organic vegetable and fruit juice that is produced using machine, and keep up the exercise and LoseIT based calorie counting.   My goal is to get substantially below 200 lbs well before Katelyn's Wedding in September.  
When I was in college on the cross country team, I weighed about 155 lbs, but was not comfortable at that weight.  Then after college, I hovered in the 175 lb. range for a while until my metabolism changed in my early thirties.   At the same time, my career took off with business lunches, cocktail parties, lack of exercise and the rest is history.   Steadily Gain in Girth.
Peeps.... I have a closet full of pants that don't fit.   But not for long.   Soon I will be stepping out in slacks that have been out of style for years now.

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