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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Revived Again

Last year, about this time, I revived my intent to integrate an aquaponic system into our rocky ledge side yard.  And last night, Dale Johnson brought over a cool Pond catalog which got me thinking about making  a spring run at it this year.   Kate's wedding might push this project off, or maybe not.

Aquaponic Revival

I've been thinking of reviving my Aquaponics project that I scoped out a few years ago.  There is something really cool about raising fish and vegetables in a interactive organic system.... plus it could come in handy if I survive the Mayan end of days. (Editors Note... we did.)

The standard fish is Tilapia, but I'd love to stock the tank with Bass.
Must be spring fever.

  1. Bass are surprisingly interactive pets...Rip Bassford; 2000-2006.
  2. Tuna Lips Said....Mar 15, 2012 08:54 AM
    Looks somefin' like the rig ole Shoo Fly had back in North Memphis days, fer growin' reefer indoors, outside of pryin' eyes and such. Ended up torchin' halfa block of triple deckers. He had to split town right quick, bench warrants, you get the picture.

    Ole Shoo. Never was much good with jackin' 'lectricity offa the neighbors meter.

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