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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Juice Fast - Final Update

Those of you who claimed with glee that the Mountain of a Man couldn't swear off solid food for three days are wrong again, as I woke up this morning in juice fast victorious glory, having consumed nothing but green tea, fruit and vegetable juices and cashew milk since last Saturday morning.
At 5:00AM I jumped out of bed, voided, had a bm (where the hell did that come from?) then got on the scale which registered a loss of 9.5 lbs.
I would have been ecstatic with this if I wasn't so shocked with my weight at the beginning of this fast ordeal, plus I worked out pretty hard shoveling snow from the weekend blizzard, but this is a good jump start.
No caffeine headache this morning and no food cravings.  Still a little abdominal discomfort, but nothing to talk about.  My mental acuity seems a little sharper too.
All in all, this fast was very doable with really no heavy lifting and no extreme withdrawal.  If anything, it changes your daily focus away from food, or gravitating from meal to meal....  and this alone could be the lasting benefit.
This morning, I've had my K cup of Starbucks, and plan to have a banana for breakfast.  My goal is to stay away from carbs and see if I can keep the weight loss regime in place.   
And if the Vatican calls, I will be letting it go to voicemail.  I really don't care who the Pope is and would rather stay out of it.

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