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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Continuing Weight Loss

In the 3 day Juice Fast, I lost  9 lbs.... and in the last two days, I've lost three more.   The reason for the continued loss due to counting calories with the help of the ap.   
The application has an unlimited database of foods with their caloric and nutrient values, and it allows you to scan barcodes of any foods with your iPhone and add that food to your intake. 
It also calculates the calorie burn of exercises such as the elliptical trainer at the YMCA.
You then tell the ap what your goal is... lose x lbs. per week to reach a certain weight goal, and the program tells you the day when that will happen.
I've tried this application before and came up short because the calorie budget seemed too stringent... but I think the juice fast jumpstart has shifted my metabolism or something, because now I feel completely satisfied with the daily calorie limits and have been significantly lower than my allotment in the last two days.
Basically, when you count calories, you can eat whatever you want.... the guy on the Twinkies diet showed that he could eat only Twinkies and still lose weight.   I'm still going to try to stay away from the high percentage carbs like pizza, pasta, potatoes and bread though..... until I hit a certain milestone, because losing 12 lbs is actually a very small percentage of the amount of weight that I have to lose by Katelyn's Wedding in September.

I credit the 3 day juice fast that I started 5 days ago last Saturday with refocusing my body and mind to begin this transformation.

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